Tuesday 23 June 2020

Master (Carnaval des Ténèbres #5) by Alice La Roux #Review

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🖤Master (Carnaval des Ténèbres #5) by Alice La Roux
I am the Ringmaster.
A monster.
Not a knight in shining armour. She would do well to remember that.
Delilah was running from something, and I refused to save her. The Carnaval was not a place to hide when life was hard, it was a last resort. The thin line between life and death, when there were no other options. It was all we had.
I like to play with fire.
A Runnaway.
For five years I have waited for him. For the Carnaval.
He thinks I need saving, but I can save myself. The Carnaval calls to me, I feel it in my soul. I need the darkness to make me feel alive, so I can set the world on fire.
I never know what I’m going to get when I read an Alice La Roux book. It’s refreshing, surprising and scary. I’ll be honest I’d read anything she’s written and she’s the only author I’d venture blind down any stray path. I don’t even check the genre so I could think I’m reading one thing to be completely shocked when she throws a curveball.

Master is a dark carnival romance/horror. It’s executed well and kept me guessing right to the end.

A carnival of freaks is no place for an innocent girl. It’s made for the damaged. When Ezra walks into town you stare. You’re either mesmerised or afraid. He’s a beautiful freak.

Delilah is desperate to join the carnival, but Ezra doesn’t understand why. She doesn’t look like the sort of girl who is out of options and the carnival is for the broken.

Ezra’s sister is the sort of person the carnival protects. With secrets and blood can Delilah truly find a home?

I really enjoyed this. In fact I think it’s my new favourite by this author. Master is part of a series by multiple authors but can be read as a standalone. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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