Sunday 9 June 2024

Vanilla Martinis by Danielle Jacks (Sweet Cocktails Book 2)


🥂 Sweet Cocktails 🥂
🍹Vanilla Martinis by Danielle Jacks (Sweet Cocktails Book 2)🍹
3rd June 2024☆☆ Out now for 99c ☆☆
🍸 There’s nothing wrong with wanting a vanilla life. 🍸
When it comes to dreams, I’m looking for simple. I’m juggling work and caring for my sister. I have little time for myself, and finding a man is the last thing on my mind. When Christopher McNabb comes into Sweet Cocktails, the high-end cocktail bar I work at, with his flavour of the week, I’m ready to offer some advice. He’s a rich, good-looking guy, frequently hooking up with shallow gold diggers, but they’re all wrong for him. What he needs is a down-to-earth girl. I just didn’t think he might be interested in someone like me.
When it comes to women, I’m looking for a Saturday night date. I work hard on my family’s farm, and the weekends are my chill-out time. When one of my date evenings doesn’t go to plan, I end up getting therapy from Nellie, the bartender at Sweet Cocktails. She’s a beautiful, wise woman who is opening my eyes to new possibilities.
Book 2 in the Sweet Cocktails Series

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