Thursday 17 December 2015



Natalie is a girl with an overbearing mother allowing her a lot of control over her life. She dated the perfect boy lived at home while she furthered her education and moulded her life to meet her mother’s expectations. Her best friend is a rich wild child and has decided it’s time Natalie learnt to live. Natalie is lucky enough to find a job away from home and needs a roommate and her best friend takes advantage with a wicked plan.   
Brady lives, breathes and sleeps hockey. He doesn’t need any distractions just a roommate. What he doesn’t know is he’s just been tricked into sharing with a hot girl who is just about to out-smart him.
The game is on.
I loved this book. It had everything I like in a book. It hot and sassy. Highly recommended. 

Free on Kindle Unlimited or £1.30, 300 pages

Published October 24th 2015

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