Thursday 17 December 2015

The Course of Love

 The Course of Love

When I read the synopsis of this book on NetGalley I was unsure if this book was a story or a self-help guide, on completion I realised it was both. It helps explore the physiological thought process behind decision making.  

Rabih is a man that grew up thinking love at first sight will conquer all. He soon realises this is an unrealistic expectation. I think people may have the view of love being possible at first sight but isn’t that lust? If you do not know the person how could you possibly know they are a compatible match?

Once you have found “the one” that’s where the true story begins because that’s the hard part as Rabih is going to find out. Kirsten is the lucky girl he loves enough to marry and start a family with. This would be the fairy tale ending but maintaining a well-crafted relationship takes more than words. This book explores true marriage between two people rather than the romantic dream of the perfect marriage. It offers advice to mistakes couples fall into and explores the feelings that drive a person to make decisions.      

This was an interesting read and explores a range of subjects. As to who I think this book would help I’m not too sure. I have just completed my first year of marriage and I know people say it’s the hardest but I disagree. I’m very comfortable with the way my marriage is turning out. I understand it requires effort and compromise but that’s the part that makes it real. This book would definatly be good for a book debate each section opens up a new discussion. I think if you are a romantic rather than an idealist this book is for you. It may help with long term relationship success.  

I rate this book 4stars out of 5.    

240 pages; Hardback £14.99
Expected publication: April 28th 2016

*An advanced copy of this book was given to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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