Friday, 2 July 2021

Healing Nicole and Reviving Connor are now available for only $0.99!


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Healing Nicole and Reviving Connor are now available for only $0.99!

These characters will leave you hooked for book #3 in The Maynard series from Rachel M Storm. These books will make you addicted!

Healing Nicole

Only True Love Can Heal A Broken Heart


I was supposed to get my happily ever after but instead I got betrayal, loss and heartache. I decided that what I needed was a new town, new job and new beginning. My intent was to stay away from any and all relationships, but little did I know that the Maynard family- more specifically Mace Maynard would not allow me to wallow in my heartache in peace.


She’s new, she’s sad and she never smiles- although sometimes I think she thinks she smiles. My plan was to become her friend and try my best to bring a smile to her beautiful face. But I was never prepared for the smart, feisty and sassy woman she turned out to be. Now? Now I don’t want to be just her friend, I want more. I want to be the one to completely heal her wounds, kiss all the pain away and make sure that she stays happy but most of all I want to make sure she stays mine.


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Reviving Connor


My life was dull before Sam.

The Raven haired goddess knocked me for a six.

She’s my daughter’s babysitter. I shouldn’t go near her.

She was everything I ever wanted, and never knew existed.

But when my past collides with my future, I may just lose the woman I love.



My life was going downhill and fast.

I needed a job. Something to pay the bills and get me back on my feet.

That job led me to a blonde haired angel.

I was just meant to be babysitting Abby. Not fall for her dad, the man who’s my boss.

His green eyes captured me from the beginning. I fell hard and fast for Connor Maynard.

But his past may be too much for me to handle.

Can we survive the destruction that is about to come our way?


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