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Are you ready to return to Haven Lake for even more mysteries? Meet up with Avery, Snow and the gang and see what trouble is brewing in Haven Lake!
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Haven Lake’s famous summer festival is here—and so is another dead body.
Two months after solving the murder of the Head of the Witch Council and almost dying in the process, Avery Thorn has re-settled into life in Haven Lake.
Snow is still ornery, Aristotle is still playing Scrabble in the attic with Lady Barnacles every night, and Grandma Cherry is threatening to cross over if her binding spell isn’t lifted.
As the new historical tour guide for the influx of visiting paranormals, Avery doesn’t have the time to worry about her ghostly grandmother. She has enough on her hands between the grumpy Detective Dax Sanders, her new friendship with future werewolf alpha Cameron Martinez, and one persistent elf who won’t let her get out of a dinner date.
Until she finds a dead body in the cemetery on the first night of the festival.
A dead body that isn’t supposed to be there—and it belongs to the visiting werewolf alpha’s daughter.
With the town on lockdown, Avery knows it’s only a matter of time before the pack from Haven Bay get involved and things go crazy. Between her, Nicole, and Dotty, they have to get to the bottom of this as quickly and easily as possible.
But where the Thorn witches go, havoc is sure to follow…

You can read book one, DANGEROUS MAGIC, in KU today:

About Evie Hart
Evie Hart is the cozy mystery writing alter-ego of New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart. Evie was born when her love of paranormal cozy mysteries jumped from her Kindle to the page, and now she spends days lost in a magical world where cats complain about not being able to open fridges and oranges can peel themselves. Get more information on Evie Hart and the Haven Lake world at or sign up for Evie's newsletter.

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Girl Gone Home Tour and Giveaway!

Girl Gone Home
Twisted Crime Book 3
by Kathleen O' Donnell
Genre: Psychological Thriller 

The Best Book I've Read This Year! I just finished it and I loved it! It has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. This book would make an amazing movie, but the book will always be better. I can't wait to see what she writes next! – Rena, five-star review on Amazon.

From two-time Book of the Year finalist and Thriller of the Year Award winner Kathleen O’Donnell comes a gripping psychological thriller filled with quirky, unexpected twists.

A girl in serious trouble

Delilah Diamond had it all, the popular cooking show, a dream house, and a great romance with her producer, until the producer’s wife gets wind of it all. Delilah loses her show, her job, and her house. She’s forced to go back to her hometown where everyone has skeletons in their closet—or worse.

A home not like any other

She arrives just in time for the unfortunate death of her high school crush, but senses something's wrong with the story of his demise. Before she realizes it, she's knee-deep in a past that almost crushed her years before, and could very well crush her now, for good.

A mother who keeps sordid secrets

Local law enforcement is a homegrown drunk, and useless, so someone higher up the food chain sends a big city detective who starts sniffing around her classmate's suspicious death and her mother’s past. Delilah’s protective hackles are raised. She knows her mother has shameful secrets, but the more she learns, the more she realizes she doesn’t know the whole story.

A hometown that comes together, even in crime

In small towns, you protect your family and your neighbors come what may, but will Delilah be able to protect her mother without exposing her own sins? The ones she worked so hard to cover up? Will she be able to deter the detective away from the truth?

You can't go home again. Or can you? Should you? How safe is home when you know where the bodies are buried?

Girl Gone Home is ultimately a story about love, family, loyalty and circling the wagons no matter what terrible crime's been committed. It’s quirky, heartfelt, and reminiscent of Dolores Claiborne and the works of Kate Atkinson, Jane Hamilton, and Janet Evanovich.

Goodreads * Amazon

“Willy Wally came to a bad end,” Fran said. “Just like I predicted.”
“Only you’d gloat over the dead at a funeral.” I’d just walked in, looked at my watch. My mother irritated me in less than sixty seconds. A record.
“We don’t do funerals, Delilah. The stiff puts a real damper on the festivities.”
“Right. Memorials after the fact only.”
“Who even knows where the nearest funeral home is?” Fran said, unimpeded by the Marlboro in her mouth, long ash miraculously still intact. “Okay, I know where it is, but who gives a highfalutin crap? Potluck and booze give whoever croaked a fine send off—this is a bar for Chrissake. You’re back on the Highway. Better forget those fancy city ways.”
From my spot bellied up to the bar I watched the sea of cowboy hats attached to heads full of rampage and Coors from the tap. They went whole hog at these things. The only commercial enterprise for as far as the crow flies, Vi’s Place teemed with quasi-mourners spilling through both front and back doors to the overflow outside. The middle of nowhere meant good business for anyone with stuff to sell.
“No idea why I let you drag me to this thing,” I said. “I’m still knee-deep in unpacked boxes.”
“Still? You move in geologic time. It’s the food. That’s why you came. You’ve always been a sucker for the highway potlucks. Besides, won’t kill you to show some respect for a guy you went to school with. Dead just like that.” She’d have snapped her fingers if they weren’t already occupied with the whole cigarette/ashtray/coffee cup situation.
“Nothing says respect like eating beanie-weenies while drunks heckle the bereaved,” I said. “Good times.”
“Good turnout.”
“I should hope so. Willy Wally wasn’t even forty.” I stopped when I noticed Fran paid a lot of attention to my words. “Never mind.”
She flicked her ash into the ashtray. “Doc Bates won’t show. Accident or no, tough to look your daughter in the eye after you shoot her husband.”
“Isn’t Doc in jail?”
“You know he’s not. Investigation’s still on. Doubt it’ll turn up anything criminal. Shit happens out here.”
“Like there’s gonna be a real investigation.” I rearranged my butt on the hard stool, scooted it closer to hear Fran over the hootin’-and-a-hollerin’. “Unbelievable. What a fiasco. Whole thing’s terrible.”
“What do you care? You didn’t even want to come.”
“I don’t and I didn’t. Well, that’s not altogether true. Of course, I care. It’s sad isn’t it? A young man killed?”
“Culling out the herd. You see Wally’s widow, Wanda? Jesus, Mary and Joseph try to say that three times fast.”
“I don’t know. Probably wouldn’t know her if I did.”
Fran slipped her cigarette into the slot on the ashtray on the bar. “You’d know her all right—still two-bagger ugly. Wanda and Willy Wally Watkins. Why on earth poor Willy Wally didn’t strangle himself with his own umbilical cord, I’ll never know, with that dumbass name.”
Nothing sordid happened that Fran didn’t know about in great detail. Whatever the backstory, and there was always a backstory, she knew it and loved to tell me about the whole mess. I got zippo this time. Fishy.
“What do you know about this, Fran? You know something. I can tell.”
“You obviously can’t, since I know zilch, other than Willy Wally and Doc went hunting like always. Doc accidentally shot him. Makes sense to me. Willy Wally’s schnoz made him look like a moose or some such.”
“You’re talking a mile a minute. Like you do when you’re dancing around the truth.”
“Shit happens around here.”
“I’m aware. Fran, you—”
“Dee, aren’t you a sight.” Vi amputated my interrogation with a voice that sounded like someone dragged a cheese grater over her vocal cords. Her familiar shortening of my name gave me a warm fuzzy. “Been trying to get over to this end to say hey, but this crowd, no patience.”
“Not much changes on the Fifty-Three,” I said.
Including Vi who still looked like a jack-o-lantern left too long on the porch.
“If it did, I’d know it. Been behind this bar fifty years if you can believe that. But look at you. You’re fresh as peach pie. Damn shame your TV show got cancelled,” Vi said.
“Yeah, well thanks. TV shows come and go.”
“She can still cook like the dickens though. What with that cooking class.”
“Cordon Bleu is hardly a cooking class, Fran. I—”
“Now you’re back home where you belong.” Vi wiped down the bar with a snake-tattooed hand, pulled a frothy topped beer. “Where in Jesus’s name are those good-for-nothin’ bums I hired to help me out today? Goddamn-lazy-bastard-shit-for-brains . . . ” She carried the mug to the other end, insults trailing.
“Is she wearing the necklace I gave you for your birthday?” I said.
Fran brushed crumbs off the front of her “Smooth Move Ex-Lax” t-shirt.
“Oh, that little bauble? Well, yes. Vi went on and on about how much she wanted it. I didn’t—”
“Do you know how much that little bauble cost?”
Fran gave zero fucks about the cost.
“Never mind.” I put a sock in it.
“Lord a mercy, Delilah.” Margene Cox made a beeline, heaped plate in hand. “I liked to fell out when I heard you’d come home. Wondered when we’d finally lay eyes on you.”
“Only been back a couple weeks,” I said. “Still settling in.”
Margene draped the silk sweater around her shoulders that I’d bought Fran last Christmas.
“Nice sweater,” I said.
The sharp stab of Fran’s elbow to my ribs shut my mouth.
“Fran give it to me. She’s generous as always. Only fits if I don’t wear it. So hot out here the devil up and left, but still cools down like the dickens at night.” Margene stuffed a whole jalapeno popper into her mouth. I felt mildly surprised most of her teeth looked intact. “You out at the old Winston pig farm?”
“Mm hmm. No pigs anymore.”
“You missed Jefferson Davis.” Margene licked her greasy fingers. “Dadgum it. He’s dyin’ to bend your ear about that farm.”
“My loss.”
“You know Willy Wally passing the way he did near tore my heart in two.” Margene wiped a nonexistent tear. “You dated him didn’t you, Dee?”
“Mercy no,” Fran said.
“Well, I swanee,” Margene said. “Dee nursed a crush on Willy Wally ya’ll could see from space back in the day.”
“Emily dated Willy Wally,” Fran said.
For once I didn’t mind Fran’s poking in.
“Oh, right. Emily. Land’s sake.” Margene pushed her plastic fork through the turkey tetrazzini on her paper plate.
“Where’s Arthur?” I looked around for Margene’s husband.
“Oh, honey, had his memorial right here a couple years back.”
“Lots of memorials the last few years,” Fran said. “I told you about Arthur’s.”
She probably did but I hadn’t been listening.
“Not the same without Blanche and Edith, is it?” Margene squeezed in closer, set her plate on the bar. “Blanche dyin’ of the cirrhosis after Earl died in that car wreck, drunk. Too many memories. And Edith with the Alzheimer’s over to her sister’s in Portland.”
Before she could run on any more, Willy Wally’s father hushed the gathered to thank everyone for coming. I wandered away from my lunch, Fran, and Margene’s census update. A drunk blocking the exit got a free swat from me. Heat plus the pissy sour outhouse smells slapped me hard. Came as no revelation Vi still
resisted indoor plumbing.
“You look just like you do on TV,” a man said two seconds after I got out.
The sun glittering off the rows of cars lined up on both sides of the highway made me squinty. I got closer. Strange man held out a too elegant hand, flashed a badge with the other.
“I’m Billy Dale,” he said. “You’re Delilah Diamond from Fork in the Road. Am I right?”
“Billy Dale what?”
Name like that usually preceded a Jim Bob or Buck Dee.
“Just Billy Dale.”
“You’re not from around here then,” I said.
“Nope.” He withdrew his unshaken hand.
Billy Dale’s kick-my-ass-why-don’t-you ensemble cheered me somewhat. His slicked-backed hair, GQ chin stubble, casual Friday Brooks Brothers khakis and pink polo made me want to open the bar door, throw him in to see how he fared. The small crowd milling around outside to avoid the teary farewells inside dispersed as if they smelled an unfamiliar no good cop. Nothing like stranger danger to speed folks along their way. Billy Dale peered over the top of his sunglasses, looked past me at the open vista, dirt, and sagebrush.
“Jesus,” he said. “You could seriously get off the grid out here.”
“What do you want?”
“Just making inquiries about the shooting incident.”
“At a memorial? Willy Wally’s barely cold.”
“When I drove up didn’t realize this, whatever this is, was going on.” He gestured toward the food covered picnic tables.
I kicked up a puff of dirt with the toe of my Converse, shifted my weight from one foot to the other. Billy Dale studied the fly-infested open jar of mayo on a nearby table, waiting, silent, doing that let-them-talk-to-see-what-spills cop thing. He flicked an imaginary something off his shirtsleeve. His blank face and open-too-wide eyes gave him a real dimwitted appearance—the kind of guy who moved his lips when he read.
“Where’s Rusty?” I said. “He’s been the law out here forever.”
“On a bender probably.”
“No doubt.”
“Mind if I do some asking now?” he said.
I let that hang like a corpse from a noose.
“You know,” I finally said after the silence got too awkward even for me. “I just came back here. Moved away eons ago.”
“So I heard.” Billy Dale leaned against a clean sedan that must’ve been his. “Some say they’re surprised to see you back.”
“None more than me.”
“You came back for the—this—potluck thingy?”
“No. Coincidence.”
“Coincidences give me cramps,” Billy Dale said serious as all get out.
Like I cared about his bowels.
“Willy Wally your old high school boyfriend?” He went on.
“Christ, no. He dated my friend. Emily. She—”
“You all right?” Billy Dale said.
I’d swayed to one side. The beer I’d chased lunch with gurgled its way up the back of my throat. I beat it back, steadied myself.
“I’m fine. This heat, outhouse smell, I’m not used to it anymore.” I pulled away from the hand he’d gripped my arm with, snooty-like. He probably did it to help, but too bad so sad.
“Right. Well, Jefferson Davis told me you—”
“Oh you’re already on a first name basis? Jefferson Davis and I haven’t so much as cast shadows near each other in twenty years.” Droplets popped up above my top lip.
“Right. Well, speaking of names. You call your mother by her first name?”
“Always have,” I said halfway lying. “Fran is her name.”
I’d replaced Mom with Fran when we moved to the highway, when she went full wacko, to distance myself from her in the only way I could then, to get under her skin. Joke was on me since her skin proved unyielding, but it stuck.
“Fran knows Doctor Bates well?” Billy Dale said.
“Everybody here knows everyone else well.”
“Willy Wally too?”
“Yes, but they didn’t exactly run in the same circles since Fran’s old enough to be his mother.”
We stared each other down. I wondered if he could see me sweat.
He blinked first. “Can you think of any reason Fran would’ve called Willy Wally the day before he got shot and the day of?”
“Who knows? It is a small town,” I said. “Why don’t you ask Fran?”
“Did. Said she doesn’t recall.”
“She’s no spring chicken. Memory’s going.” I twirled one finger near my ear.
“Fran called Willy Wally four times the day before he died, twice the next.”
“She’s a talker,” I said.
There it was.
Fran did know more than she’d admitted. I crossed my arms over my chest, shoved both hands under my dripping armpits, worked hard to keep my face from going funky.
“Not to mention six calls to Doctor Bates.” He’d taken out a notepad, which I guess meant business.
“I’m sure for harmless reasons.”
I turned on my heel. Eat my dust sucker.
Billy Dale hollered at my back, “I’m sure I’ll find out.”

Kathleen O’Donnell is a wife, mom, grandmother and a recovering blogger. She currently lives in Nevada with her husband. She is a two time Book of the Year finalist for her debut novel The Last Day for Rob Rhino. You can find short stories and blog posts on her website.

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The Vampire wants a Wife #FreebieAlert

The Vampire wants a Wife

(Supernatural Dating Agency #1)


My Sweet GI by T.L Wainwright

My Sweet GI by T.L Wainwright
1940’s Historical British Wartime Romance
Sweet, steamy and romantic, this story had my heart all a flutter! Jenny and Teddy’s story pulled at my heart strings but also left me smiling.
My Sweet GI proved to be a captivating tale, one that I didn’t want to end.
When a handsome WWII, American pilot called Teddy stepped into the local corner shop in search of candy, sweet and unassuming Jenny’s world went from boring to breath-taking. But with war threatening to put an end to their budding romance, there time together became precious, forcing them to live for the moment.
Was she just another stupid girl who had got taken in by a good-looking GI?

Dark Secrets Tour and Giveaway!

Dark Secrets
Nine Fall Romantic Suspense Novels
Genre: Romantic Suspense
with stories by:
Stacy Eaton, Sharon Coady, Jude Ouvrard, Amy Manemann,
Angela Stevens, Pandora Spocks, Katie O' Sullivan, Chantel Rhondeau

As the leaves fall from the trees, so do secrets and tragedy. Just in time for Halloween, NINE brand-new romantic suspense novels for you to enjoy. From evil and death to overcoming odds and finding love in the most unusual places, these sweet to spicy full-length novels will keep you eerily entertained and on the edge of your seat for hours. Plus, watch for a common thread between the books, it just might be a little Spooky.

 These nine books are brand-new, never before published and exclusive to this set for thirty days!

Secret Fantasies, Pleasure Your Fantasies Series, Book 3
written by USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton:

Can they figure out the secret before anyone else is killed?

When a Halloween Hayride goes completely awry, Doctor Heather Downey and her son are thrown into a confusing mystery that has something to do with her deceased husband and the case he was working on when he was killed two years before.

Even though Colin Holt is a seasoned officer, he’s new to the department and draws the short straw to be security at the local Haunted Attractions. When a young boy goes missing, Colin jumps all in to help Heather Downey figure out what’s going on.

Colin will enlist the help of his good friend Nick, and they will all seek refuge under Butch’s roof with the ever watchful A.I. Grace and the rest of the Pleasure Your Fantasies Gang in a suspenseful and sexy story.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Sharon Coady:

Some people are born bad. Others are made that way.
I was a combination of both.
At the age of twenty-seven, I was on my third husband. I had high hopes for this one, for us.
He didn't make me crazy at all. He made my heart happy.
Little did I know what was coming my way or how dangerous I was.

Little White Lies
written by Amazon Bestselling Author Jude Ouvrard:

Sometimes lies are innocent but can’t be avoided.
When Hunter Reed’s longtime plans go awry following her college graduation, she has two choices. She can wallow in her grief, or she can get away from Utah, and the people who broke her. Determined to escape the shadow of her parents and make it on her own terms, she lands her dream job at an up-and-coming graphic design company in Portland, packs her bags, and hits the road.
No sooner has Hunter arrived, than the adventures begin. With a new apartment, and learning her job comes with a private office—and a handsome boss who is her age—she settles in straight away, befriending neighbors and co-workers alike. Welcomed into the fold, the transition is smooth and easy.
Almost too easy.
Just when she gets comfortable with how perfect her life is going, an unforgettable Elvis at a costume party will make Hunter forget everything she was taught about propriety, leading to a night of drunken abandonment and dangerous encounters that will set in motion a web of little white lies which could undo everything she has worked so hard for.
Although Hunter finds herself facing two choices again, this time, her heart is on the line.

Romance by the Book
written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Amy Manemann:

Cool, Autumn nights lead to lingering heat, but can they solve a mystery in time?

Romance novelist and single-mother, Chloe Marshall, has never had a problem writing characters who fall in love and live happily-ever-after. That is until a severe case of writers-block cramps her style. Moving back to her hometown for a fresh start seems like just the ticket to get those creative juices flowing again—of course, running into her former classmate-turned-town-hunk, Graham Baxter, doesn't hurt either.

When his work supplies start to go missing, Graham falls behind on the stage build for the fall festival, and Chloe steps in to lend the hunky contractor a hand. Things between them heat up as the autumn nights cool down, and Chloe and Graham soon find themselves wrapped up in a mystery that is more than it seems.

The Devil’s Own
written by Amazon International Bestselling Author Angela Stevens:

It’s not every day a priest confronts the devil in his confessional.

Bowker Street Devil gang members, Ryker and his sister, Cassidy, are out on a routine job when she screws up big time. Almost triggering a war with another rival gang, Cassidy is no longer able to stay out of view of the Devils’ gang leader, Kane Munch. When he threatens to make Ryker pay for her mistake, Cassidy agrees to go willingly to his bed to save her brother.

But Ryker has sworn to protect his sister, and he hatches a plan to get them both out of the Devils gang for good. Enlisting the help of father Liam, a catholic priest with a past and secrets of his own, Ryker plans to steel Kane Munch’s little black book and turn state evidence, in return for new identities. But when the handsome priest discovers the beautiful runaway Devil, hiding in his church, temptation and secrets threatens all their futures.

Ghost in the Machine
written by Amazon Bestselling Author Katie O’Sullivan:

A little black book can ruin lives—or get you killed.

A missing black book that can take down Beacon Hill… and the ghost who holds the answers.
Massachusetts State Trooper Jack MacDonald sees the world in black and white. Good guys versus bad guys. Crank up the speed, take the ticket. But life isn’t always so simple. When a road crew finds a dead junkie stuffed in a trash bag, Jack’s drawn into a world of shadows where nothing is as simple as it seems.
Maggie McNeil lives in those shadows. Her sister might be the infamous Beacon Hill Madam, but Maggie just wants to stay under the radar and finish college. After her sister’s suspicious death, Maggie finds her own life endangered because of a missing ledger filled with names and numbers. It’s the kind of information that can crush dreams and ruin lives.
Or get you killed.

That Spooktacular Kiss
written by USA Today Bestselling Author Tamara Ferguson:

Growing up together in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, Ashley Mitchum & Brian O’Neill have been at odds for years. Conniving and sometimes cruel when she doesn’t get her way, Ashley is someone Brian doesn’t want to feel attracted to.

Ashley’s the first one to admit she’s been spoiled rotten by her family. Brian has interfered with every relationship she’s ever had, but yet, she’s never had the courage to tell him off.

It’s the summer after high school graduation, and one more week before Ashley will be moving to California for college, while Brian will be entering the army, The dynamic of their relationship suddenly changes when they share a haunting kiss.

Ashley finally realizes she’s been avoiding admitting her feelings for Brian because she’d have to make a serious commitment. But Brian is determined to make her understand they belong together, despite splitting up and focusing on careers.

But tragedy strikes when a Ponzi scheme is exposed, the accused being none other than Ashley’s father, who’s supposedly run away with Brian’s mother.

Forced apart by circumstances, Ashley and Brian are fatefully reunited in Crystal Rock ten years later. Will unveiling their families’ dark family secrets heal two wounded hearts?

Midnight Cove
written by Pandora Spocks:

They say still waters run deep.
In the tiny lakeside town of Midnight Cove, still waters harbor dark secrets.
Writer Bree Blaylock just wants a chance to catch her breath. Having finally escaped an abusive relationship, she’s relieved to have found a quiet place to finish writing her new book.
From the moment she arrives, she realizes that she’s not alone in her rented cottage on the lake. But she’s okay with that. In her experience, the living are always more dangerous than the dead.
Meeting handsome local lawman Jake Hanson wasn’t even remotely on her radar. But now that she has, maybe it’s time to take another chance on love.
But can he keep her safe when the past comes calling?

Hunting Love
written by Amazon Bestselling Author Chantel Rhondeau:

Ghosts aren’t the ones hunted on this tour—someone wants Zoe’s life. Travis craves her heart.
After a laboratory explosion killed her three coworkers, Zoe Blaine’s life has taken a turn for the bizarre. Handed a portable hard drive in secret by her boss moments before the accident, Zoe is unable to figure out the password. Considering she’s had many near-fatal accidents since then, Zoe’s more than happy to join a two-week ghost hunting tour with her bestie—anything to escape the oddness around her, even if she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

The moment the leader of the ghost hunting tour spots Zoe, he can’t take his eyes off her. Finding out she’s a skeptic and a scientist is a total turn on. When Travis McMann delves under the surface and learns more about her, the connections between their pasts are hard to ignore. After he realizes the explosion at her workplace wasn’t an accident, Travis vows to stick by her side to stop the dastardly plot which started the entire situation. It’s not going to be easy. The people they’re fighting will do anything to stop Zoe. Permanently.

These nine books are brand-new, never before published and exclusive to this set for thirty days!

**Only 99 cents!!**

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Forged by Fire by Danielle Annett #Blitz

Forged by Fire
Danielle Annett
(Blood and Magic, #6)
Publication date: November 3rd 2019
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
I thought I’d get a break. Maybe catch some R&R.
Boy, was I wrong.
My best friend is still MIA.
My foe turned friend—Inarus—is safe, maybe. Though he’s anything but sound.
And now Melody, my Harpy gal pal—is missing, leaving behind a trail of blood like some macabre Hansel and Gretel.

I’m still trying to figure out how to balance being a mercenary, and the mate of the Alpha of Pacific Northwest Pack, and the cherry on the flipping sundae that is my life, is a string of attacks against the Pack’s Clan houses.

Something is off about these attacks.
The assailants are hopped up on Harpy blood.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidences. Someone kidnapped Melody and they’re using her to go after the Pack.
I’ll give you three guesses who it is, but you’ll only need one.
The HAC is behind everything, and my mother is behind them. It’s the fight I always knew was coming, but this time only one of us will survive.

I spotted a familiar face in the growing crowd outside and sped towards him. Oh hell no.
“Caden, you’re not coming.”
He jumped and spun to face me, determination in his expression.
“I can fight,” he said, his voice firm.
I shook my head. “No. Absolutely not.”
He flinched, his expression now wary. “You don’t think I can?”
I gave a harsh sigh and pulled him away from the crowd of shifters, not that it would do much good. Shifter hearing made privacy nearly impossible.
“I know you can,” I told him.
“Then why?” His cognac eyes pleaded with me, but I wouldn’t change my mind about this.
I rubbed my forehead. Had I ever been this rash and impulsive at his age? The answer was a resounding yes. I was still often impulsive, but I was older than him. Had more experience with life-and-death situations.
Caden was only seventeen. At his age, I’d already been on my own but I shouldn’t have been. I shouldn’t have had to fend for myself the same way Caden shouldn’t be faced with a fight for his life. Not now. Not when he had a promising future ahead of him.
“I know you’re eager to prove yourself.” I fixed him with an unflinching gaze. “But you’re still young and —” he opened his mouth to speak but I pushed on not giving him the chance, “if what Brock says is true and you’re to be the Pack’s next Hunter then what you could do in the future is much more important than what you could do today.”
He gave me a sullen look. “I can do both. I can fight today and still be the Pack’s Hunter.”
I shook my head. Even if that were true, I wouldn’t let him. I refused to have his death on my hands.
“You’ve heard her decision.” Declan’s voice behind me had me whirling around to face him.
“Yes, Alpha,” Caden said as he brushed passed us, heading back to the safety of the Compound with his head bowed and shoulders hunched.
We both followed his retreating form. “You know you can’t protect him forever,” Declan told me.
“I know. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try.”
He nodded before pulling me into his arms and nuzzling my hair. “You’ll make a great mother.”
His words had me jolting out of his embrace as I stared wide-eyed at him.
He gazed down at me, and I felt his hesitancy through our bond. “I just meant that you’re protective. Like a shifter mother with her cub.”
I eyed him warily but accepted his explanation though all of a sudden I felt off-kilter. Declan and I had never discussed having children. Did he want them? Did I?
I shook the thoughts away. Now wasn’t the time.

Author Bio:
I'm just a girl with an obsession for Marvel movies, a love of all things Urban Fantasy, and a cheerleader for the underdog in any given story.
If you're looking for a heroine you can root for ... someone who defies the odds and gets up every time they're knocked down ... then look no further because that's what you'll find in my books.
I hope you'll join me in Aria Naveed's adventures. She's pretty badass if I do say so myself.
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