Saturday 31 December 2016


Ditched (Harmony Bay #1) 

Amity Hope

Book Review:

The title and cover work for this book pretty much explain to you the basis of this story. By the time you have the synopsis, you have everything you need to decide whether it's the book for you. It is what you expect, and it was an enjoyable read.

Ditched is about a girl who leaves her future husband at the altar. Holly had her whole life planned out. She was going to marry her childhood sweetheart, get a degree in journalism and live happily ever after. This was everything she thought she ever wanted but when her future husband throws a spanner in the works her hand is forced in another direction.
Max has been in love with Holly since forever. He has watched her on and off relationship with Colin follow it's rocky path for years hoping he would eventually get his chance to prove he could offer her so much more but when she ounces her engagement he thinks it's all over. He decides it time to find a fresh start. When Holly discovers the truth about Colin, she decides to leave town with Max. Now he has Holly all to himself. He has to work out if he can make her see he might just be the one for her. This book is a standalone novel however it says it's a two-part story. It has no cliffhanger. Both are available for kindle unlimited so it would be free to read the next installment. However, I don't think it's essential, and the next book has a lot fewer pages.

4.5 stars out of 5. If you like the sound of the synopsis, then this is the book for you. This is a sweet story. It is a clean read, however, in this case, I think a few more details may have added to the romance.

Kindle Edition £2.01 or free for KU, 254 pages

Published April 14th, 2013

Rock's Redemption

Rock's Redemption (Insurgents MC #8)

Chiah Wilder  

Book Review:

Chiah Wilder has done it again. Book 8 in the Mc insurgents series and a completely new original story. These can be read as standalone stories or as a series (I'd recommend you read them in order). They have everything I like in a good book; Alpha male, romance and a good mystery.

Rock and Clotille were best friends growing up, but somehow their friendship didn't quite work out.
Rock is the sergeant at arms for the insurgents. His job is to keep the peace and help with security jobs. He loves the MC lifestyle fast bikes, lose women and the brotherhood.

A favour is called in, and the club members end up covering a security job with Rock being in charge. A rich guy wants some muscle at his mansion while he hosts a sex party. His girlfriend is treated more like an animal than a human being, and this settles uneasily with Rock.

Clotille notices Rocks presence straight away, but she doesn't want him to know of her new lifestyle. When he last saw her, she was a spoilt rich girl from the right side of the tracks. This is a story of two people already in love but never quite getting it right.

4.5 stars out of 5. Another unique story to add to the Insurgents collection. Once you've read one of them, you most certainly haven't read the rest. I just can't get enough, and all the books are free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

Kindle Edition £2.39 or Free for KU, 278 pages
Published October 21st, 2016



Sunday 11 December 2016

Taken by the Hitman

Taken by the Hitman

by Alexis Abbott, Alex Abbott

Book Review:  

Alexis Abbott has written a series of standalone Hitman novels. They are all similar but different enough to be worth reading. 

Rosie is the perfect damsel in distress. She comes from a broken home that is beyond repair. A poor upbringing is an understatement. On her birthday her dad uses her as leverage to clear his debts.

Konstantin is gifted Rosie to prove his loyalty. It's inhuman and given at gun point. Konstantin wants to set things right. He intends to set the innocent free and mend what is wrong with the scenario he finds himself in. He sees Rosie for what she is and can't help but falls for her.

This one reminds me of Robin Hood; take from the bad and give to the good.

*This book contains sexual themes which some readers may find offensive*

This book was gifted to be via the author in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 stars out of 5.

99p or free for Kindle Unlimited. 308 Pages.
Published December 4th, 2016.


The Rules Bundle (The Rules #1-3)

The Rules Bundle (The Rules #1-3)

Monica Murphy  

Book Review: ♥ ♥

 I read the first book a while ago however, I bought this bundle as it was cheaper than buying one book separately. I've read a lot of Monica Murphy's books, and I know they are going to be good without even opening them. 

Fair Game 

"When your boyfriend bets YOU in a poker game, you better know when to run…"
I even love the synopsis for this book.

You know your relationship is over when your boyfriend is willing to bet you in a poker game. It's even worse if he loses that bet, what a joke. Jade now finds herself entangled in a deal with the super attractive and super rich Shed Prescott. Women flock to him like sheep, but for some reason, he's determined to claim the prize girl of his bet. Jade can't seem to do anything to shake his Interest off her and finds herself liking what she sees but could Shep really be interested in keeping her? 

In the Dark    

Gabe is away on a lame vacation with his family for the summer. He needs to find some entertainment to pass the time and he finds himself bird watching with the hot sexy thing from next door. A summer fling sounds perfect to brighten up his summer, but Lucy isn't all she seems. She's not the spoilt brat he thought she was.

Lucy is house sitting for the summer, taking full advantage of the pool and hot weather. She sparks the attention of her hot temporary neighbour and can't resist playing the part of the rich, carefree girl from next door. It's only going to last the summer, how hard can it be?

Slow Play  

Alexandria needs a fresh start, with her parents in jail and her reputation in tatters she wants to hide away from her past and wipe the slate clean, so she changes her surname and settles into normal life. She exchanges money and family for friends and education. Tristan is everything she is trying to avoid. He's rich, arrogant and a total player. Tristan treats women like his personal toys and then throws them away. It is everything she doesn't need, but he's up for the challenge of making her his latest conquest. Can you really have a relationship with someone who is scared of commitment? 

I really enjoyed this series. The characters are all interlinked, and I would recommend you start with the first book. These books are £2.50 approximately each, or the bundle was approximately £2.00 for all 3.

The books have a common theme of rich boy meets poor girl. The girls are all from different backgrounds and are strong independent women. The men are very close friends/related. The first book was my favourite, but all were worth reading. I've tried to find stories similar to the first but never had any success which is a shame.

I loved this series and other books by this author.

5 stars out of 5. Enjoyable, fun, lighthearted reads. Aimed at the age group of 16 plus (U.K.). 

Kindle Edition £2.06 (Cheaper to buy as a bundle), 1268 pages

Published July 15th 2016 

 Coming soon....

Safe Bet (The Rules #4) 

Monica Murphy

Sydney Walker’s new job is perfect. As the live-in nanny to the most famous quarterback in the NFL and his beautiful wife, she couldn’t have it any better. Their kids are adorable. Her bosses are more than generous. Plus, there are hot football players at the house all the time. Life can’t get much better than this.

Until her life turns into an absolute nightmare. The media is abuzz with rumors that she and her boss Drew Callahan are having a torrid affair. Everyone knows the truth—except the public. So Drew’s wife Fable comes up with the perfect idea.

She creates a fake relationship between Sydney and one of the rookie players on Drew’s team. Wade Knox is forever indebted to Drew and Fable and readily agrees to the set up. Pretending to be in a romantic relationship with the hot nanny for a week—how hard can it be?

Crazy how it only takes one week for two people to fall head over heels in love…

(This mash-up new adult romance features characters from both the One Week Girlfriend series and The Rules series.)

Kindle price: £2.49
Expected publication: January 10th 2017.  




Thursday 8 December 2016

From What I Remember...

From What I Remember...

Hardcover Amazon Market place approx £4, 462 pages
Published May 15th 2012.