Thursday 5 November 2015

Last to Know

Last to Know (Willow Creek #1) 

This book was intoxicatingly good right from the beginning I could not put it down (goodbye sleep hello late night read with a hot coco).

My first impression of this book was that Maddox was a little full on. I mean if someone called me at 7am to arrange a date I most definitely would not be impressed. 

This book gave me a mixture of emotion including feeling nervous for a first date. They were never my favourite events however I think this first date has to be the best worst date ever. The story was full of firsts and it was really sweet. 

Both characters in this book are loveable. Emma is a smart bookworm who was used to reading about adventure rather than living them. Maddox is an adventure seeking wild child. When their two worlds collide it's obvious sparks are going to fly.

This book had the perfect ending. I was a little slow with my realisation but I got there at about 70%. This book is most definitely worth the read. 

I'd recommend it for the teens and those that are young at heart like me ❤️

❤️Loved it! ❤️ 5* out of 5!

Romance comedy book
318 pages. Published february 2015. Available from Amazon for £1.95 

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