Saturday 31 December 2016

Rock's Redemption

Rock's Redemption (Insurgents MC #8)

Chiah Wilder  

Book Review:

Chiah Wilder has done it again. Book 8 in the Mc insurgents series and a completely new original story. These can be read as standalone stories or as a series (I'd recommend you read them in order). They have everything I like in a good book; Alpha male, romance and a good mystery.

Rock and Clotille were best friends growing up, but somehow their friendship didn't quite work out.
Rock is the sergeant at arms for the insurgents. His job is to keep the peace and help with security jobs. He loves the MC lifestyle fast bikes, lose women and the brotherhood.

A favour is called in, and the club members end up covering a security job with Rock being in charge. A rich guy wants some muscle at his mansion while he hosts a sex party. His girlfriend is treated more like an animal than a human being, and this settles uneasily with Rock.

Clotille notices Rocks presence straight away, but she doesn't want him to know of her new lifestyle. When he last saw her, she was a spoilt rich girl from the right side of the tracks. This is a story of two people already in love but never quite getting it right.

4.5 stars out of 5. Another unique story to add to the Insurgents collection. Once you've read one of them, you most certainly haven't read the rest. I just can't get enough, and all the books are free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

Kindle Edition £2.39 or Free for KU, 278 pages
Published October 21st, 2016



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