Saturday 11 February 2017

Reaper's Claim

Reaper's Claim 

Simone Elise 

Book Review:

I have read quite a lot of motorcycle club books, and this one reads more like a soap opera. I have mixed feelings about this story. I was struggling to put it down, but I'm not sure why.

Abby is a twin and the daughter of the MC president. Her upbringing was inside the club, and she is used to the life. Even from a young age, she had to understand the danger of being around the outlaws.
Reaper can't help but be Abby's knight. There is something different about her, and he can't help but be drawn to her.

When we first meet Abby, she is still in high school (16), and Reaper is already a member of the MC making him older. This book has themes of young women and older men. It's a romance novel. However, there is also a lot of high school drama and family issues. It fits with Abby's age. However, I'm not sure it suits the MC style.

This book was ok but not one of my favourite. 3 stars out of 5.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

Expected publication: February 15th, 2017 

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