Wednesday 22 March 2017

Incriminating Dating

Incriminating Dating 

Book Review:

I enjoyed Luke's story in this book. He is a complex character with so much to offer and a great guy. His home life is the best part of this novel.

Ayla, I didn't like as much. Overall she was okay she just had her moments. Ayla is a super geek. She dresses in sci-fi t-shirts and plays video games. She is also a great lover of pizza making her a little curvy. She is passionate about the school paper and the drama club. She wants to help the non-sport extra school activities gain more funding as their budgets are getting cut while the sports teams are getting new supplies. When she was out one night, she catches some of the jocks vandalising public property. She decides to use her incriminating evidence to gain herself a fake boyfriend in the hope it will help her win class president. If she gets this role, she is hoping it will help her to gain funds for the clubs. The bit I didn't get was why jocks would want to help the other clubs when surely the money would be cut from their budget? Her campaign wasn't part of the main story it was about her relationship with her fake boyfriend.

Luke is the guy she wants to entice with the evidence little does she know about his own personal issues. Instead of blackmailing him to help herself win the election she ends up helping the one person who needs her most. I felt this was an unlikely couple pairing, however, I enjoyed reading their blossoming romance.

Geek/ Jock romance novel with a difference. Definitely worth the read for the teen 16+ reader.

4 stars out of 5. Thanks to Entangled crush and Netgalley for this book in exchange for an honest review.

ebook £3.90
Expected publication: April 10th

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