Saturday 26 August 2017

Before I Knew


Before I Knew (Cabot #1)

My Book Review:

Jamie Beck is one of my favourite authors, and I'm always excited when she brings out a new book. Before I knew is the start of a new series, The Cabots.

Books dealing with grief are not my favourite, especially when it is one of the main themes in a story. However, with this said I still enjoyed this book. It has a lot going on, and the story was really interesting.

Colby Cabot-Baxter lost her husband 2 years ago and has never recovered. It's not because he was the love of her life, or she can't imagine life without him. She can't get over the circumstances surrounding his death. Growing up she has always been close with the boys next door, Joe and Alec. Her husband and Joe were involved in an incident that leads to both of their deaths. Joe accidentally kills himself taking part in a stupid dare, and Mark, her husband committed suicide as an after effect. Colby's relationship with Alec became non-existent, and they both lost everything. 2 years later they are both ready to try, and fix their life's and families. Colby starts a restaurant, and her brother hires Alec as the head chef. They need to work together to save them both.

4 stars out of 5. *ARC received, however, I read this book view Kindle Unlimited* I've read all of Jamie Becks books, and I'm a huge fan. Her writing style sucks me in, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Kindle Edition £3.49 or Free for Kindle Unlimited, 354 pages

Published August 22nd 2017 by Montlake Romance 

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