Sunday 8 July 2018

Scoring the Player's Baby #Review

Scoring the Player's Baby (WAGS #3)

 Sexy, funny and sweet.

Kim Matlock isn't looking for love, in fact, she's still trying to get rid of the last mistake. Her divorce is still going through from her cheating ex. One thing she has learned, ballplayers cannot be trusted and she intends to avoid them. She is focused on helping to save her family's company and getting her life back on track. 
Ronin, as you've guessed, is a sportsman. He's built like a footballer, he's confident like a ballplayer and he's an all alpha male. He's attending a wedding event with his sister when Kim catches his eye. The problem is she's not the only one with wandering eyes. Ronin has always been honest with women. He doesn't want a relationship. He's a one night kind of deal. Unfortunately, his latest conquest is struggling to get the message. He needs help to get rid of her and recruits Kim.

Kim doesn't know who this sexy hunk of a man is but he's only offering something she didn't realise she had missed. After some sexy time... the title of the book is a big giveaway... things get complicated. Can two people not looking for love find a family to share?

The WAGS series are all standalone stories. 
4 stars out of 5. Naima Simone has good banter. The characters are loveable, funny and sweet in all the right places. I enjoyed this book. It's predictable but written well. 

Expected publication: July 9th 2018 by Entangled Publishing

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