Friday 12 April 2019

Reasonable Doubts #KindleUnlimited

Reasonable Doubts


Darcy Ryan is a woman on a mission. A mission to take down the corrupt cops who ensured her best friend, Matteo Torres, went to jail for a crime he didn't commit - the murder of his wife, Rebecca. Darcy is willing to do just about anything to prove his innocence, including getting up close and personal with lead detective, Finn Drake. She knows she's playing a dangerous game, but it gets more dangerous than she could have ever imagined when she discovers everything she thought she knew about Rebecca Torres was wrong, and Finn Drake isn't the man she thought he was either. Darcy's life and her best friend's freedom are on the line. With her entire world turned on its head and time running out, she has to decide. Should she take a chance on Drake and go against her gut instincts, or go it alone and pray she can find the killer before he finds her?

Reasonable Doubts is my favourite Kyra Lennon book to date.
I've had the paperback for a few weeks and let me tell you I was sitting on a treat. I actually listened to this book, rather than read it. My first audiobook and it totally added to the experience.

Darcy wants to right a wrong. Her best friend is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. She's determined to find a way to get him out. All she has to do is work out how the cops got the wrong man. Her plan isn't stellar but it's worth a shot. Showing a man a bit of attention could open the door to a corrupt system. The problem is she has underestimated Finn.

Darcy is a beautiful woman and any man would be a fool to not notice her. Finn likes to think he's a good cop. He puts in the hours and wants to find the bad guys. When Darcy enters his space he cannot help himself. A taste of a woman like that could set his soul on fire. She's playing a dangerous game.

Two people both with a rough past want to undercover the truth and may just find something else along the way.

It's simple I Loved it! Henry Gray had the perfect voice for the beautifully crafted book. It's high praise from me. I liked both leading characters and the story had me hooked to the last sentence. 

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