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Broken Triangle Tour and Giveaway!

Broken Triangle 
Eternal Soulmates Series #1 
by Elle W Silver 
Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance

Will their love for one another be enough? 

Life has just started to look up for Jamie. He has a job at the Moore Manor. He is finally free of his abusive uncle. He has a friend who genuinely cares for him. But when the attentions of the Hotel owner’s son begin to threaten his newfound peace, Jamie worries. 

Riley doesn’t appreciate being summoned to Moore Manor. But while at home, he meets the most beautiful young man he’s ever seen. He wants to court the younger man, but his mother complicates his intention with a shocking revelation. Not to mention the Vampire he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about. 

Ben’s been sent to find a nuisance witch. He needs to put all thoughts of a destined soul mate out of his head and focus on the task ahead. But when he realizes that the witch is more powerful than he originally thought, his priorities shift. He must now protect the two men with everything he has, even if one of them wants nothing to do with him. 

Can Jamie, Riley, and Ben navigate their complicated lives, the threat of a wicked witch with a grudge and their forbidden love for one another? 

Broken Triangle is the first installment in the Eternal Soulmates Series, a sexy saga of stories about vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. If you love your stories steamy, action-packed and emotional, then you’ll love Elle W Silver’s first book. 

Broken Triangle is not a standalone. The story continues in Eternal Soulmtes Series #2. 

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AS SOON AS HE WAS CERTAIN BREAKFAST WAS LONG OVER, Jamie left the safety of his room and went to meet Ben for their walk. But as he neared the stables, he didn’t see the Vampire. Jim saw him and smiled. “Hello, Jamie. Mr. St. John said to tell you he would be delayed. If you start without him, he would find you.”
“Thank you, Jim.” The young boy nodded and turned to his tasks. For a moment, Jamie didn’t know what to do. He’d made enough food to last through lunch so he didn’t need to be in the kitchen, not until later that afternoon. He decided to a walk might do him some good. He walked with no direction in mind. His thoughts turning sad like they have been every time he found himself alone. He wanted Riley. Wanted to be taking a walk with him, sleeping in his arms, watching him laugh at something he’d said.
He hadn’t realized he’d walked to the place Riley had named the View until he heard a flowing stream. The place was beautiful, but it wasn’t the beauty he saw. He saw the bench they’d sat on that first day, him on Riley’s lap. He remembered the first taste of Riley’s lips, his first kiss and he cried. He sat on the bench and let the tears flow as he watched the stream flow. Would he never again be in Riley’s arms? Never again feel his strength like he had that morning?
“Please don’t cry.” He took a second to realize the voice was real. Riley was right behind him, his voice as clear as it had been that morning. Jamie couldn’t turn around. He wanted to see him but was so afraid he’d come to put an end to their relationship. “Jamie, please don’t cry.”
Jamie stood with his back to Riley and wiped at his tears. If he’d come here put an end to their love, Jamie wanted to say something first. He couldn’t cry about it forever. He turned to face the man and gasped at the pain he saw in those blue eyes. Jamie resisted the urge to go to him, fall into those strong arms and forget everything. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was coming here until I got here. I know this your special place.”
Riley stepped forward arms extended but Jamie needed to say it so he shook his head, stepping back a fraction. He felt guilty when Riley sighed and dropped his arms. “I… I need to say it Riley.” The man nodded and the tears Jamie had just stopped, came back. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”
Riley stepped forward and then held himself, a small distance between them. “No, Jamie… It’s me….”
“Riley let me say this, while I still can.” He didn’t see the point of trying to hold back the tears any longer. “I have done nothing with him. I’m just attracted to him and I wanted you to know because I was afraid. I have never felt this way for anyone other than you and know him. I would never do anything with…” The pain became too much. He wrapped his arms around his middle and bent forward to keep from sobbing out loud. “It hurts, Riley. Tell me how to stop. If you’re here to say you don’t love me anymore…”
He didn’t get to finish the thought. Riley’s arms went around him so fast and so firm, he lost balance, Riley’s arms holding him in place. He sobbed in the man’s chest, a bit of hope bubbling up from within. Riley’s hold tightened until it was almost painful. But Jamie didn’t want him to stop. They were both breathing hard, trying to blend into each other. Riley squeezed him even tighter, speaking into his ear. “Please say you’ll forgive me. Jamie, please come back to me. I can’t be without you.” Jamie nodded yes to everything Riley asked. The last three days he hadn’t lived. There wasn’t any doubt he would forgive him.
He felt a kiss behind his ear. “Jamie, please. Don’t deny me. I need you. I need you so much…”
He drew back, wanting to see those beautiful, proud blue eyes. “Never. I would never deny you…” Riley’s lips slammed on his, hard. He opened his mouth, welcoming the assault. His arms went around Riley’s neck as the man kissed the breath out of him. When Riley pulled back to place open-mouthed kisses to his neck, Jamie was an aroused mess, begging the other man to never stop.
Riley raised his head, locked eyes with Jamie and touched his hair, his eyes, his nose and then his lips in a gentle caress. It was like he wanted to assure himself it was really Jamie. Jamie kissed the fingers on his lips and Riley replaced them with his lips. This kiss was gentle, filled with love. He held on to Riley’s shoulders, needing the man more than he ever has.
He pulled back, meeting Jamie’s eyes. “Listen, My Love.” Jamie didn’t want to talk. He tried to pull Riley’s head back down, but the man took both his hands. “I love you. I love you so much. I’m sorry about that night. I wasn’t angry at you.”
It was confusing to Jamie but none of it mattered. He’d find a way to be rid of the desire he felt for Ben. Riley touched his hair. He’d missed that touch so much. “None of it matters. I just want you, Riley. Please?”
“Let me say it, Jamie. Let me explain.” Jamie nodded, Riley didn’t stop touching him. “I was angry at myself. You were so brave to tell me something I had tried to tell you and failed for so long. I was angry that I couldn’t see it, couldn’t have handled the situation better. But when I came back, you had left…
“Are you saying, you knew? But Riley…”
He placed a kiss on Jamie’s forehead. “I didn’t know you were attracted to him.” He met Jamie’s eyes, his searching. “I am telling you I am attracted to him too.” Jamie gasped, shocked at the information. “Please forgive me for how I acted when you told me.” When he said nothing, trying to gather his thoughts, Riley drew away from him, turning his back to him. “I understand if you are angry. You deserve to be.”
Jamie wasn’t angry. He walked up to Riley and placed a hand on his lover back. Riley didn’t turn around. “The only thing I feel is I want you, right now. We can talk about Ben later…”
Riley turned fast, hands on Jamie’s face. His eyes were on Jamie’s lips and when he licked them, Riley kissed him. His tongue invaded Jamie’s mouth, and he moaned. Riley’s big frame trapped his hands. He was immobilized, all he could do was respond to the kiss as best he could. Riley tilted his head to deepen the kiss and one of his hands travelled down Jamie’s back to pull his body closer.
He moans grew louder when he felt the state of Riley’s cock, just as hard as his own. The man pushed a thick thigh between his legs encouraging Jamie to rub against it. The kiss was cut short and now Riley stared into his eyes. Both his hands moved to Jamie’s arse. He cried out, his eyes drifting closed. Riley moaned, his hands tightening, “No. Sweetheart, look at me. Let me see those pretty eyes darken for me.”
He followed that command, holding on to Riley’s chest, moaning every time his cock met Riley’s thigh. He wanted more. “Please…”
Riley’s hands moved to his front, unfastening his trousers in quick movements. A choked gasp left his lips when the man enclosed his cock in a tight grip. His fingers dug into Riley’s chest but he kept his eyes open, looking straight into arousal-darkened blue ones. He thrust in Riley’s hold, the grip just tight enough but Jamie wanted Riley inside him like he needed his next breath. “Riley….” His name came out as a strangled moan.
Riley sped up his strokes, Jamie’s knees weakened. Riley’s arm came around him, holding him steady. “Tell me what you want, My Sweet. I’m afraid I want too much from you.”
“I want you. Please… please Riley. I need you inside me.”
The hand on his cock faltered and then stopped. Riley was staring at him and then he was kissing him. The kiss went on and on and then it too was cut short. “Hold on. I will get us home. In our bed where you belong.”
Jamie didn’t understand what Riley was saying, but he tightened his hold on the man’s shoulders. Then he felt an uncomfortable shift in the wind. His head felt heavy, dizzy. His stomach flipped and then they were in their room. He didn’t dare let go of Riley’s shoulders. “How… How did you?”
Riley smiled, “It’s called teleportation. Are you, all right?” Jamie nodded. Riley touched his face, “I feared I’d never see you in here again. You don’t know how afraid I was when I came back to find you gone…” Jamie silenced him with a kiss that Riley took over.
In a minute, he was on the bed, naked watching the man he loved undress for him. He loved Riley’s body. The wide shoulders, muscled chest with a light dusting of dark hair. He reached for his cock as Riley undid and pulled off his trousers, the sight too arousing. Riley’s eyes lingered on the movement, watching as he touched himself, reaching for his own engorged cock. He let go of his cock went on his knees, replacing the hand on Riley’s cock with his own.
They kissed, slow and fluid, Riley moaning into his mouth. Jamie pushed back on to the bed. Riley followed, ending up between his legs, their engorged members rubbing against each other. It felt so good. He wrapped a leg around Riley, seeking more friction.
The man reached for the bottle of oil, coated his hand and without moving off Jamie, sneaked his fingers between them to find Jamie’s opening. He widened his legs further, giving Riley the room he needed. Soon two fingers moved inside him. Jamie loved it, the feeling of being full. He’d done this to himself even before he met Riley but could never reach where he needed. Riley reached that special place, now. The pleasure jolted him, his breaths coming in a series of moans. “Good, Sweetheart?”
He held on to the man’s arm, trying to keep his fingers inside. “Yes, Oh! Yes. Please don’t stop.”
Riley laughed. “What if I want my cock in there instead?” Too aroused to speak, Jamie nodded. Riley kissed him, three fingers stretching him so good he couldn’t return the kiss. Riley moved off his body but kept his fingers inside Jamie. He watched the man coat his cock with oil before pulling out his fingers. Jamie bent his knees, further exposing himself. He’d give Riley everything, anything he sought.
Riley held his cock, guiding it inside Jamie bit by bit. He knew the man was trying not to hurt him but Jamie was impatient, wanting him inside as soon as possible. He tried to push down, but the man held his hip in a tight grip, controlling their joining. A few shallow thrusts of Riley’s hips and they were one. He felt every inch of Riley’s cock and knew there would be nothing better.
Then the man began to move and Jamie threw his head back, a pleasurable cry leaving him. Riley’s hands reached under his arse and he sat up, bringing Jamie with him. He was astride the man’s lap, his cock hitting new spots inside him as Riley guided him up and down. Soon, Jamie found a rhythm, riding Riley’s cock in earnest. Riley let him take his pleasure, his hands just holding on to Jamie’s hips.
He moved faster, up and down he went, hands on Riley’s shoulders for support. Every time Riley’s cock grazed that place inside him, Jamie cried out. Soon, Riley’s hips began to thrust. Once, twice and three times was all it took before Jamie was overwhelmed with sensation. His cock twitched and his release coated both their chests. His rhythm faltered. The force of his pleasure causing him to bury his face in Riley’s neck. His hold on the man’s shoulders too tight.
Riley’s thrusts grew frenzied and his hold on Jamie’s hips tightened to bruising proportions. A moment later, he shouted his completion, his warm seed filling Jamie, his big body shaking with his pleasure. Jamie’s arms came around Riley’s neck. He didn’t want to let go. Riley’s breaths grew calmer as the seconds passed. He placed a kiss on Jamie’s neck and without separating them, lay Jamie on the bed, his body following.
Jamie touched Riley’s sweat dampened hair and smiled, “I love you!”
Riley kissed him. His hands remained in Riley’s hair. When he sighed into his mouth, Jamie felt the action deep inside him. “And, I love you even more, Jamie.”

Growing up Elle was the girl sitting in a corner with her nose in a book. For as long as she could remember, she would journey to different destinations around the world with the characters she met in the many books she read. 

So when she turned fifteen, it was not surprising that she found herself ready to create her own world of characters. The Paranormal world was particularly intriguing, especially immortal vampires and the humans sharing their fascinating existence. 

Her first book was not published and got lost somewhere in the midst of her life. Her love of stories- literature, Movies and TV,only intensified as she got older, becoming a major part of her life. 

Soon, she would find herself working as a freelance writer (a girl has to pay her bills) all the while sharing her life with voices in her head that screamed for an outlet. She saw an opportunity to give life to her characters when she stumbled on self-publishing and her first Paranormal romance series- The Eternal Flame Series was born. 

A tea addict, Elle also has a powerful love for Music and her ever expanding Family. She is overjoyed to share her love for Romance with all her readers and grateful for their unending support. 

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