Wednesday 15 September 2021

Family Cross by Gabrielle Ash #Blitz


The Family Cross
Gabrielle Ash
(Circle Seven, #1)
Published by: City Owl Press
Publication date: July 6th 2021
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Matilda Ashby has a pair of Ivy League degrees and a dream of unseating her brother as their billionaire fathers favorite. But just as she inches close to her goal, Matildas world is rocked by monsters roaming the Manhattan streets and the elusive enemy at her fathers corporation who hired them to kill her.

With assassins on the heels of her Manalos, and the family businesss reputation in danger of being destroyed, Matilda hires the mysterious Samson, a telepath with a shady past, to help her find out who wants her dead.

But when the would-be assassins can take the form of anyone in her life, Matilda doesnt know who she should fear most—the monsters hiding inside her family business or the ones coming for her head.

If you like Charlaine Harris, K. F. Breene, or Phillipa Bornikova, youll love this urban fantasy romance with mystery, suspense, and family drama!

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Fancy Pants.”

I looked at him, hovering over the threshold with one foot on the sidewalk and the other in the cafe. He stalked over, coffee in one hand and scone in the other, and pushed the glass door open, yanking the handle out of my hand.

Take a cab,” he said, arm braced against the door. The suns rays blasting against my skin again made it all the more curious he could stand to wear a thick coat in the late summer. Dont walk.”

Maybe I need the exercise.”

A stiff wind could blow you across Times Square, so I doubt it.”

The crowd bustling outside the door started to thin out, and if I pried myself away from him quick enough, I could merge right in.

Take a cab,” he said again, voice low. So much for being quick. See that guy on the corner? Super douche with the popped collar?”

I took a deep breath and looked over my shoulder. There was a man perched on the street corner with his shirt collar standing on end, just as Coat Guy said. He had a phone pressed to his ear and a hand in his pocket. White, early thirties maybe. Blond hair with too much pomade.

Hes following you.”

My throat turned bone-dry.

I doubt that.” The weakness of my voice did an excellent job contradicting my words.

He is.”

It was one of those nightmare scenarios I had been warned about growing up. Dont go into stairwells alone. Always pay attention. My mother always said as a woman I had to be careful. I had to take care of myself because rich boys with trust funds never went to court.

While Popped Collar wasnt likely a rich boy with a trust fund, at least by the looks of his shoes, the warning was still applicable.

Take a cab,” Coat Guy repeated a third time, and then he pulled away from the door.

Author Bio:

Gabrielle Ash is an author and perpetually tired mom of four from the great state of Texas. Born into a family of mischievous storytellers, she grew up listening to tales of the chupacabra, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night, never entirely confident that she wouldnt get eaten if she went out to the creek after sunset.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, which ultimately landed her in a high school classroom to teach writing and coach the debate team. Dismayed at her inability to wear sweatpants to work, she left the classroom and now dedicates her brain power to books and taking care of her daughters.

When not writing, she spends time with her husband, four daughters, and their dog. The Family Cross is her debut novel.

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