Thursday 10 February 2022

A Court of Crows by Eliza Eveland blitz


A Court of Crows
Eliza Eveland
(Talons and Tethers, #1)
Publication date: February 10th 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

A young queen in peril.
A city under siege.
An elven mercenary with a dark desire.

Nineteen-year-old Eris Telari was never supposed to rule Brucia. She’s always been more interested in swordplay than courtly intrigue.

After her brother’s assassination, however, Eris has no choice but to take up the crown and defend her city against an invasion led by an undefeated elven warlord.

With Brucia’s forces decimated, and a siege looming, Eris needs help. Who better to repel the elven invaders than a band of elven mercenaries?

Their leader, Ruith, is as charming as he is deadly, and used to getting what he wants. Six thousand swords strong, his Crows have a reputation for winning against impossible odds. He won’t take a fight he can’t win, and now he has his sights set on Eris…

Is it her kingdom he wants? Or her?

With assassins and traitors still lurking around every corner, and an army nearly twenty thousand strong at her gates, Eris cannot afford to turn away the Crows ’assistance. Even with their help, the battle for Brucia will be hard-won.

And the most dangerous threat may already be inside her walls and vying for a place at her side…

A Court of Crows is the first book in the gripping Talons and Tethers Saga, a new adult fantasy romance series. Expect courtly intrigue, assassination plots, plenty of heart-pounding action sequences, and strong heroines who do their own rescuing.

NOTE: This series contains four separate slow-burn romances that unfold over several books. Ruith and his Crow commanders have varying and diverse tastes when it comes to romance, but all of them enjoy plenty of spice, so grab your copy and prepare to meet your next book boyfriend(s)!

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Eris lifted the paper. “You didn’t really expect me to implement such restrictive measures on day one of a siege, did you?”

“Of course not,” said Ruith with a shrug.

“Then why give it to me at all?”

“Because they think I’m here to take Brucia from under you.”

The queen’s mouth was dry. “And are you?”

Ruith stood. His heavy footsteps thumped in time with her heart as he came around the table. Trailing his fingertips over the tabletop, he stopped next to her throne, towering over her. “I have six thousand Crows at my command. I am stronger than any man, better with my sword than all three of your queensguard put together, and faster than every human I have ever met. If I wanted your city, it would be mine. Whatever I want, I get.” He lifted his fingers from the table and brushed them against her cheek.

Eris’s heart skipped a beat.

She grabbed his hand. “You do not have me.”

The sound of his dark chuckle left her fighting a shudder.

“Not yet,” he said.

“If you ever touch me uninvited…”

“Please.” He wrinkled his nose, disgusted, and pulled his hand away. “I would never. I have no interest in bedding a woman who doesn’t wish it. If the touch is truly uninvited, then I apologize. But if it isn’t, and if these sultry looks you’ve been throwing me are more than just curiosity…” Ruith leaned down, lips hovering next to her ear. He smelled like warm leather with a sharp citrus bite. “I will touch you in ways no one ever has, or ever will again. I could give you more pleasure with one finger than you’ve ever known.”

Eris’s insides turned molten, skin prickling at the thought. She turned her head toward his, their mouths suddenly so close that they shared breath for a moment. “That’s a bold claim. I’m a queen. I could have anyone I wanted.”

He leaned back, his smirk returning. “I’ve seen the men in this city. I know what I’m up against, and I stand by my statement.”

Author Bio:

Eliza Eveland is a coffee addict living in woods of West Virginia where fairies are real, and magic grows on trees like vines.

She writes real, relatable characters in fantastic worlds that just happen to have wings or pointed ears and a little bit of magic.

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