Thursday 28 April 2022

⭐️ Kiss and Tell Anthology ⭐️ 6th September 2022


⭐️ I Dare You ⭐️
By Danielle Jacks
Welcome to Penrose Prestige, where rich boys play and scholarship girls dare to dream.
I’m Lily Steward, and Penrose is my shot to gain a degree in media studies. My focus is firmly on my textbooks until Ethan Russell—the guy who likes to push my buttons—dares me to join the college’s Devil’s Night. The annual event offers a huge cash prize and maybe it’ll be worth spending time with Ethan.
If I join in, I may lose more than my pride, but can I afford to pass up big bucks?
I’m Ethan Russell, and Penrose Prestige is my playground. Balancing my social life and college work is all part of the fun. Devil’s Night is the one night of the school year when everyone gets a little crazy, and I just can’t resist tempting Lily Steward—the girl who is too uptight to let loose—to join in the fun.
If she joins in, maybe I can challenge some of her assumptions about me.

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