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This was two stories in one book which were about the same in length. The stories are intertwined and both are equally good. I may have slightly favoured the first story but only because it had more sass and that’s what I like. 

Maya and Cat are two best friends so are inseparable, they do everything together. They are just about to graduate college and unsure where their paths will lead them.
Jake is Cats older brother and Maya has marked him as off limits but after a drunken night they end up in bed together. They have a love hate relationship and don’t normally let their guards down. Neither of them wants it to ruin their relationship and decide sleeping together cannot happen again. However that does not mean they can hide from their feelings for each other.    

Cat has a thing for her brother’s best friend, Dallas. Cat and Dallas have a tight relationship and are really good friends. Graduation is approaching fast and the pair are about to go their separate ways but Cat has one more favour to ask of Dallas before he goes. She wants her first night of passion to be with him all she has to do is convince him it will not ruin anyone’s friendships.
This book is about taking a chance on love and putting yourself out there. Cat and Jakes parents died when they were younger and they only have each other. They have a strong bond and want to keep it that way. Both Maya and Dallas are aware of their strong family connection. This book may have a tragic past however it is not the focus of the book which I was glad about. 

I really enjoyed this read it was fun, passionate, quick paced and witty. Basically my kind of book.

5 stars out of 5. Highly recommended.   

Expected publication: January 15th 2016
Ebook £1.89. 165 Pages

*An advanced copy of this book was given to me via netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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