Saturday 19 December 2015

Wife Me Bad Boy

Wife Me Bad Boy (Book 2 in the Bad Boy Series)

Chance Carter

This is the second book in the Bad Boy series. This book can be read as a standalone story however I would recommend you start with the first book, Bad Boy Daddy.
Lacey is the daughter of the man that brought the brotherhood together. Four men who together had all the skills needed to pull off the biggest heists possible. Unfortunately Lacey’s dad has passed away leaving her with her four foster brothers as family. They are a close network and live together in her father’s mansion.  

Jackson who we meet in the first book is about to marry the love of his life after an eventful few years. They are at last going to get their happy ending and move into their own place. Grant is also one of the four brothers and has always had a crush on Lacey but out of loyalty to her father he has never acted on his feelings. 

When you have met the one person you are supposed to be with no one else can compare. Grant wants to see Lacey happy but when will he come to his senses and realise he is the only one that can fulfil that role. 

Grant doesn’t need a wife but he’s about to find out it will cost him everything.
This book was good with an unpredictable plot throughout. Just like the first book I feel the writing is refreshing I don’t know if this is because the author is male but it offers an interesting read which is a little different. 

 4.5 stars out of 5. I’d recommended it to those who like a juicy Adult read.   

Published 28th December 2015. Free for kindle unlimited readers or 99p. 
507 Pages

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