Saturday 23 January 2016

How to get free books

The simple answer to this is to start reviewing them. The Goodreads website is one of my favorites. It is a place where you can keep a record of the books you have read and want to read. Once you have it up and running it will also recommend things it thinks you will like. There are forums for Authors and Reviewers to meet. Even better you can join forums which suit the kind of books you would like to read. There aren't any rules when it comes to reviewing books so the world is your own. (It is recommend you write that you received the book in exchange for a honest review). If you are going to join Goodreads feel free to add me as a friend :)

The next book on my reading list is Marry your Billionaire By C. J Anaya. The Author was good enough to send me a Link for a chance to win this book for free to review... 

Hope this helps. Good luck :) 


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