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Touching Time Series Tour and Giveaway

The Emperor's Seal 
Touching Time Book 1
by Amanda Roberts
Genre: Time Travel Romance 

The Emperor’s Seal – the divine symbol of the Emperor on earth – is missing. The Empress will do whatever it takes to get it back.

Jiayi has a gift – she can travel through time just by touching historical artifacts. More than anything, she wants to escape the clutches of the Empress and run away to a foreign land. Finding the Emperor’s Seal could be her only chance at freedom, but is she willing to risk the wrath of the Empress? 

Historian and wannabe archaeologist Zhihao has no love for the Empress or the Qing Dynasty, but when the Empress orders him to find the Emperor’s Seal in exchange for funding China’s first history museum, he cannot refuse. It is only after he accepts the assignment that he realizes the key to finding the seal lies in the hands of a palace slave.

Civil unrest and encroaching foreign powers threaten Jiayi and Zhihao's mission and lives as they hunt for The Emperor's Seal.

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As Jiayi woke, she heard her name being called louder and louder.
“Jiayi! Jiayi, answer me! Did you find it? Do you know where the seal is?”
Jiayi opened her eyes and the empress was right in front of her. She started as the hard eyes looked deep into her own.
“Jiayi! Answer me! What did you see?”
“Lady Cai…” Jiayi said as she tried to recall the details of the vision. “The emperor gave the seal to Lady Cai.”
She heard other women in the room gasp. She looked around and saw the empress’s other ladies, her attendants and maids, all looking at her. While the empress kept Jiayi’s powers secret from her ministers and male counselors, she did not bother hiding Jiayi from her friends and ladies—her real advisors.
“You mean the Lady Cai? The one the emperor nearly gave up the throne for?” one of the ladies, Princess Der Ling, asked. “He truly trusted her that much?”
Jiayi nodded. “He loved her,” she said.
“But what about the seal?” the empress snapped, grabbing Jiayi’s arm and shaking her.
She knew the empress would be angry when she found out Jiayi did not know where it was. But maybe she could give her enough information to temper her anger.
“There was a battle, on the road to Jehol. Some barbarians. I don’t know who,” she explained. “The emperor feared that they would kill him and steal the seal. He wanted Lady Cai to hide it, to protect it.”
“And?” The empress was shaking. She held her hands out as if Jiayi was in possession of the seal and could simply hand it over to her.
“And…I…I dropped it,” Jiayi said, tears forming in her eyes. “I’m sorry, but the vision ended before he could hand it to me. I don’t know where it is. But he certainly gave it to Lady Cai! If we know where the battle took place, she must have hidden it nearby and…”
The empress slapped Jiayi so hard across the face she thought her neck snapped. She held her breath, afraid to make the slightest noise and possibly invite more of the empress’s wrath. The room was utterly silent. None of the other women dared to go to Jiayi’s aid. After a moment that seemed like much longer, the empress stumbled back. Jiayi finally sucked in a breath as everyone else in the room audibly exhaled. She straightened her neck, but kept her moist eyes downturned.
“So close…so close…” the empress muttered.
“We can try again,” one of the other women suggested. She picked up the box and shoved it into Jiayi’s hands, but nothing happened.
“You know it doesn’t work that way,” another of the other women angrily whispered, slapping her hands away.
“But Jiayi is right,” Der Ling said. “If Lady Cai had the box on the way to Jehol, that narrows the search considerably.”

The empress sat down in her chair, looking as worn and exhausted as Jiayi felt. She was quiet for a moment, as if considering her options. Finally, she nodded her head. “Yes, it is time. Bring him to me…”

The Empress's Dagger
Touching Time Book 2

As the Qing Empire continues to crumble, the Empress is more desperate than ever to find a way to secure her stranglehold on the country. Every day, she forces Jiayi to use her powers to see into the past to the time of Empress Wu to discover the secret to securing power.

But Jiayi already knows the answer.

Empress Wu’s dagger is more than it appears. Blessed with an ancient power, the dagger can be used to make and destroy empires.

Jiayi’s ability to travel through time is growing stronger, and she is not sure she wants to use that power to prop up a dying empress. There is only one man she wants to save. The man she lost her heart to. A man who died over a thousand years ago.

Zhihao knows he cannot fall in love with Jiayi, a palace slave. But with each passing day, his feelings grow stronger.

When a ghost from his past walks into his life, Zhihao may have to choose between his country and the woman he loves.

Secrets will be revealed in the second exciting installment of the Touching Time Trilogy!

The Slave's Necklace
Touching Time Book 3

Kill the Empress, save the world.

That is what people from all sides are telling Jiayi. She not only has the power to kill the empress, but to set up a new future for China. Jiayi has spent her life as a palace slave. Freedom for China could mean a lifetime of servitude for her.

And Jiayi is tired of living for everyone else.

As Jiayi’s powers grow, she finds herself living more and more in the past, even as the future is barreling toward her.

Zhihao’s past is catching up with him, leaving death and heartache in its wake. Zhihao is going to have to make a choice, but he isn’t sure he can do it alone.

Jiayi and Zhihao stand on the precipice of a new world. But they will only survive if they can overcome the past and stand together, no matter how much it hurts.

Get lost in time in this thrilling conclusion to the Touching Time Trilogy!

Amanda Roberts is a writer and editor who has been living in China since 2010. Amanda has an MA in English from the University of Central Missouri. She has been published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies around the world and she regularly contributes to numerous blogs. Amanda can be found all over the Internet, but her home is

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