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Vandervilles Tour and Giveaway

When Beauty Met the Beast
Vandervilles #1
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Beneath the luxurious lifestyle and the glamor of fame and fortune held by the Vandervilles, lies a dangerous web of secrets and a twisted tale of passion, and suspense.

With wealth, power, and beauty in abundance their dominant name prevails.

But trouble is about to come their way and throw their lives into turmoil.

One man consumed with the quest for revenge seeks to ruin their lives and destroy them one by one.

Witness the brilliantly vindictive plan to bring down Benjamin Vanderville, the deceitful precarious States Attorney of California and his wife Regina, reigning queen of the fashion world.

Fall in love with the warmth of romance that blossoms between Wade Vanderville and Chloe Matthews.

And walk the road of betrayal as Taylor Vanderville discovers where loyalties lie.

The riveting tale of When Beauty Met the Beast will grip you and captivate you right from the start…

**Only .99 cents!!**
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The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
Sun Tzu couldn't have said it better in The Art of War.
What a great book, with solid words of wisdom. Wisdom that could be applied to everyday life. Those were the best books.
Books that captured the essence of the human mind and helped you to overthrow your enemies.
Precision was the key, along with meticulous planning. That was what you needed when you were dealing with people like the Vandervilles. You had to plan for them with accuracy. Otherwise, there would be no effect.
To destroy people like them you had to work your way in from the inside, and by the time they realized something was amiss, it would be too late.
Like being poisoned. And, like the insidious toxins from a potent blend of poison, that was exactly how I planned to work.
Find their weaknesses, exploit and obliterate them, along with anyone dumb enough to associate with them. As far as I was concerned, they were just as bad and would have no mercy from me.
No one would.
My mother didn't get any as she begged for her life. There was no form of mercy shown to her, none whatsoever as she pleaded and cried from the depths of her soul. Praying
and screaming for God until her last breath departed from her body. Mercy never even entered their minds.
My mother was a sweet woman who loved too much. Her kindness and sweet nature were her weakness. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and evil people took advantage.
I would never forget her, and how she suffered as I watched her die. I was helpless then but promised I wouldn't allow her death to be in vain. I wouldn't allow the life she lived to signify nothing.
I wouldn't allow the beautiful spirit she had to fade away.
Those people would not take that from her.
It had taken me a long time to get to this stage. A very long time. Years and patience.
But, now I was here, at this point, and ready with a plan so dark and impenetrable it would strike them down with crippling effects. I'd conquer them all and make sure that they all paid for what they did. Every last one of those self-indulgent, vile, materialistic Vandervilles.
By the time I finished with them, they'd all beg for death, which I'd gladly offer. Oh, so gladly. I relished the thought just like I did the taste of candy. Sweet and desirable.
The stage was finally set and the actors all in position. All I had to do now was sit back and watch the long-awaited, grand performance.

Lights, camera, action…

Secrets and Lies
Vandervilles #2

Simmering secrets and lies burst into a tempestuous roil in Secrets and Lies.

Discover who gets burned and who, if anyone, makes it through unscathed.

Stability Rocked

As Wade’s whirlwind romance with Chloe starts to stabilize, his ex-girlfriend turns up desperate to destroy what firm ground the two have forged. Wade’s love for Chloe has grown so deep that he’ll do anything to protect what he has with her – even if it means spinning a new web of lies.

The Agony of Betrayal

Still reeling from the double betrayal of her father and lover, Taylor barely regains her feet… only to fall in love all over again with her cheating lover. The attraction is so strong she can’t stop herself, even though she knows she must.

Matriarch and Mother

Seeing her daughter suffering is breaking Regina’s heart. She yearns to give all the help she can but… Ben is scheming to use Runway to financially back his bid for Governor. Will her struggles to keep her family safe come at the expense of her daughter?


Wade finally gives in and goes to his ex even though he knows he shouldn’t. But she’s dead and the cops finger him as the killer. Only the real killer is still on the loose and hunting…

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Wade was definitely acting weird. He was acting like he was on Saturday when he’d gone to my house and packed my bag.
He’d woken me up to check on me to see if I was okay. Then he started searching through the house. When I asked him what he was looking for he said it was nothing to worry about.
Then he started looking at the CCTV and decided he’d get a new system because the cameras inside the house weren’t good enough.
He was outside now with a guy who’d come to look at the place and install a new system. All that and it was barely eight a.m. I didn’t even know how he got that man to come out so early. I supposed though that he probably paid him quite a lot.
I wasn’t sure what was going on so I decided to wait in the living room until he was finished, then I’d head out for work. I wanted to get in early so I could leave at lunch time and be at the hospital for visiting hours.
Yesterday I tried to call my parents to let them know what had happened to Taylor. I was actually hoping that one or both of them would come back.
If there was anyone who could make me feel better it was my mom.
Yesterday when I called their home in France I was told that they’d gone to Africa for a mini safari holiday. Then I couldn’t get through to the place they were staying at.
I just decided to try again and got put through to a man called Tunde.
“Hi I’m trying to reach Felicity and Philip Matthews. They could be down as Flick and Phil.” My parents loved telling people to call them that. My mother said it had a certain ring to it that she liked.
“Oh yes, Flick and Phil,” he said in a rich African accent. There was a hint of a smile in his voice. “They’re going to be out on the reserve for another two days but I can get a
message to them.”
“Thanks so much. Could you possibly let them know there’s an emergency in L.A. I’m Chloe, their daughter. If they could call me that would be great.” I thought that was the best way to put it so they’d know that there was an emergency, but hopefully not panic too much.
“Sure thing Chloe. I’ll make sure they get the message.”
“Thanks. I appreciate it.”
I sighed with frustration when I hung up. It was just like my parents to do something so extravagant. Who went on a safari holiday in the middle of April? Easter was two days away, most people just rested. But no, my parents were probably riding lions across the Sahara.
I sighed with frustration, annoyed that they hadn’t told me they’d be in Africa. They didn’t usually tell me when they went off on one of their getaways but it would have been nice to be kept in the loop. Particularly during times like this. It would be good for me if they were here, but I needed them too. They’d know exactly what to say to give me the strength I needed, and they’d offer their support.
I sighed with annoyance and stood when I looked over at the clock on the wall and saw the time. I was hoping to have breakfast with Wade, but I had to leave now if I wanted to get all that I had planned done and get to the hospital to stay with Taylor.
Wade came into the living room holding a receipt. I glimpsed the figures on it and thought I saw what looked like ten thousand dollars.
“Did you get your parents?” he asked.
“No, and I won’t any time soon. They’ll be practically out of reach for another two days. I can’t believe they didn’t tell me they were going to be in Africa.”
“Baby don’t get worked up.”
“I just wish they were here,” I frowned. “Sometimes I feel like they stopped being my parents when I turned eighteen.”
“That’s no bad thing.” He chuckled then walked over to the window and looked it over like he was checking it worked.
“Wade, what is going on? You’ve been acting weird all morning.”
“I’m having the place checked out.”
“For what? And what are you expecting, an army of thieves?”
He narrowed his gray eyes at me. “Baby, safety is a priority. You girls leave your house on show for everyone to come through.”
“It isn’t that bad.”
“Yes, it is. It’s terrible. Three women and a cat in a house with the windows and doors open scream come and attack me, or rob me.”
“I forgot how crazy you can be.”
He grimaced at me and frowned when I picked up my bag. “Where are you going?”
“Work,” I replied.
“No, no. Call in sick. Stay with me today and then we can go together to the hospital.”
“Wade, I’m the creative director, I have a lot of work to do and even more because I want to spend some time with Taylor. I can’t just call in sick.”
“Okay, I’ll come with you then.” If that wasn’t weird I didn’t know what was.
“No. I’m fine. You stay here and sort out whatever it is you’re sorting.”
He was already shaking his head before I could finish. “I’ll get the keys. We’ll take the car.”
I watched him go upstairs. I was about to continue the protest, but stopped myself. As annoying as it was that he was super protective of me, it was nice. I had never had anyone take care of me like that. He was just showing me that he loved me, and I appreciated it.

When he came back down he took my hand and led me to the car.

Into the Rabbit Hole
Vandervilles #3

Chaos Reigns

Wade’s been arrested, a killer is on the loose, and Ben’s crimes are catching up with him. Will anyone in this family emerge from the chaos unscathed?

Murder Mystery

Chloe and Wesley dig deep to discover what is really going on and to prove Wade’s innocence. The deeper they dig the more the shocking truth becomes visible. Will they discover the man behind the drama? What happens if they do?

No Longer Hidden

The light finally shines of the crimes that Ben has committed, but unleashes more trouble. As always Regina is caught in the middle, but this time it’s worse. She doesn’t know where she’ll begin to fix things.

Forgive and Forget?

Can Taylor forgive, forget, and finally move on? Will she be able to see the world with the fresh clear eyes that only forgiveness of a betrayal can give? Will she be able to trust again?

Kiss and Make Up

Can Chloe accept Wade’s past and all the chaos ebb to allow the deep, romantic love they so richly deserve?

Follow the twists and turns to the stunning conclusion of Into The Rabbit Hole!

She didn’t deserve to die.
She was a nice person.
Her family would be devastated. I could just imagine the tears and the heartbreak. They may never get over her death.
I understood. I’d never been able to get over my mother’s death.
Time never healed me; it only made my loss feel worse. Every day was worse. Maybe it would have been different if my mother had died of natural causes. Maybe I could have accepted that and tried to move on.
But murder…
Murder was different; it meant she had a chance to live, but someone else took it from her.
They called me a psycho. Maybe I was. I certainly thought like one, but they made me that way. Benjamin Vanderville made me this way, so they could all thank him.
Admittedly I no longer saw the boundaries that existed to keep right and wrong separated. I just saw revenge; everything else was details. However, I did feel for Merissa because of all she’d been through with her involvement with Wade Vanderville and the loss of their baby.
I’d been on the fence for a long time on her part in this game. In the end I’d decided that her death was necessary.
Merissa was a sacrifice for a cause. A necessary sacrifice.
My cause might not have been her cause, but she served her purpose well.
It was time to speed things along and really get my plan in motion. It was time to get serious and up the game.
The time for simply scaring them all was over.
I answered my phone and pressed it to my ear as it rang.
“What’s next boss?” said my truly psychotic partner in crime.
If people thought I was a psycho I wondered what they would think of my friend. This man had no heart and could kill without blinking an eye, or having any form of afterthought.
Life and death were nothing to him.
Our stories were similar: both were products of revenge. Merissa’s was, too. Revenge was the essence of what we had in common. That was why they were so easy to recruit for this grand scheme.
However, only this guy could have killed Merissa so effortlessly. There was something soulless about him that didn’t care about right and wrong. He’d offered straightaway to kill her without any thought to it at all.
“Come back here, we have things to do,” I said into the phone and lowered it back to the table when my friend hung up.
On the flat screen TV before me the press were having a field day.
Wade Vanderville arrested for murder.
That was the headline, and boy was it on every single channel. I’d flicked through a few minutes ago and yes, every channel was reporting the latest Vanderville scandal.
I’d timed it perfectly with Taylor’s little tryst a few days ago. That had been for fun more than anything, but still timed perfectly. People like them did themselves in. I’d gotten to know their personalities and behavior over the time I’d watched them so knew what they were likely to do even before they thought about their actions.
That made me one step ahead of the game. Admittedly, Wade was a wild card because I never anticipated his return and that everything would play out so well.
I wondered what they’d all think now. Their precious Wade, arrested for murder. The guy had no alibi, no witnesses, nothing. My friend had left the knife right by Wade after he covered the thing with his fingerprints.
It was funny. And comforting. This plan couldn’t have gone better, even the mishaps were working in my favor.
My years of waiting were paying off dramatically, and finally I was beginning to feel some form of justice. It would never help with my loss, but it was something.
I could still remember the day when my mother was taken away from me.
That was always clear in my mind, as if it had only just happened.
I sat back in my chair and rested my head against the padded leather of its back. Images of her flooded my mind.
Images of her life.
Images of her death…
Next month would be twenty years since she was taken from me. Twenty long years.
She’d never had justice, never even had a proper funeral. Her family never got the chance to lay her to rest properly and say their goodbyes. She deserved so much more than that.
Aaron. That was my name. That was the name she gave me.
I’d gone by so many names since then that Aaron just seemed like another alias. Another alias for that time in my life when I’d been the talented son of Rachel Dean and the fallen marine Kennedy Bryce.
I remembered what it felt like to be their son. The same as I remembered that awful day of her death. As if it was happening right before my eyes.
The tenseness in the atmosphere. The smell of anticipation in the air. And… uncertainty…
And fear…
The day she died would always be burned in my memory.
I’d just turned seventeen and was studying extremely hard for my SATs. I was en- route to going to Harvard to study medicine. I wanted to be a surgeon.
That day she came home in a heated fluster. I was in my room going over some mathematical equations when I heard her come home. She would normally call out to me when she arrived but that time she didn’t. It was me that had to go to her. I found her in her room packing.

I closed my eyes and remembered it all…

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing and ice skating.

When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.

No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of Khardine's books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and characters she creates.

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Captive Rebel #BookBlitz

Captive Rebel
Erin McDermott
(The Allegiance #1)
Publication date: July 2nd 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
In a world where Greek Gods rule over the Allegiance, Marylyn O’Conner struggles to survive.
Marylyn is a rebel, forced to do the rebellion’s bidding until an unforgiving family debt is paid. A pawn in the war against the Allegiance, she is obligated to become a rebel spy, or her family will suffer.
When word spreads that an Allegiant Prince, Ariston, has escaped rebel captivity vowing to hunt down rebel spies, Marylyn realizes her only hope is to escape Allegiant territory.
While on the run, Ariston captures Marylyn, preventing her from any chance of returning home. Desperate, she knows she needs to escape her alluring captor or risk the safety of her family.
But Marylyn can’t keep herself from falling for the mysterious prince as she finds that he can empathize with her troublesome past – a past no ally has understood before.
Moist hands wrapped around my lower arm. “Excuse me, you’re that rebel girl aren’t you?” I turned to face a boy with sweeping black hair and piercing gray eyes. Unfortunately for him, he struggled to stand and his breath was repulsive.
“Who else would I be?” I bluntly responded while attempting to rip my arm from his hold. He only squeezed it tighter.
“I say you shouldn’t listen to these people who are talking poorly about you. I don’t think you’re a bad person. Not at all,” he gave me a weak smile and stumbled toward me.
I took a step back, weary of this boy. “Well, they’re probably right,” I said, trying to persuade him to back off. He continued approaching me with a sloppy grin plastered across his face. Clearly, my words did not dissuade him.
He held tighter on my arm as his face came increasingly close to mine. Before I knew what was happening, I reacted.
The moment his lips brushed against mine I pushed him away with my free arm. He went staggering to the floor. His one hand still firmly held onto my arm, dragging me down with him.
My body fell against his and my hair cascaded around his face. Before I could react, he slammed his hands against my chest, tossing my unprepared body onto the wooden floor next to him. My shoulder slammed onto the ground and I moaned in pain.
I reached for my shoulder and gripped it tightly. Before I could make another move large hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me up to a standing position. Bulky arms wrapped around me and I was pulled back into a man’s chest.
“Walk away before I hurt you,” Ariston’s warm breath tickled my ear as he spoke with a protective voice.
The boy in front of me was unrelenting, “She’s scum. Why are you protecting her?”
The pub went silent and all eyes were on the three of us. Ariston’s grip around my waist was unusually comforting, and I had a burning desire to ask him not to let go.
His deep voice echoed through the silent pub. “As your prince, and a man tortured by her kind, she is rightfully mine.”
“Rightfully no one’s,” I aggressively whispered only loud enough for him to hear and no one else.
“After spying on my family, you are mine.”

Author Bio:
Erin McDermott was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated college with a bachelors degree in History. If she's not in her room writing, you may find somewhere on the Jersey Shore with her family. She has been writing stories since 3rd grade. It was not until after experiencing the fast-paced life New York City had to offer that she decided to finally take the plunge and finish her first book, CAPTIVE REBEL (The Allegiance, Book 1).
During her years in college she expressed a deep interest in Greek Mythology, which she incorporates into The Allegiance Series. She is incredibly grateful to her family for supporting her throughout the trials and tribulations of the independent publishing process.


Kindred (The Akasha Series #2) cover reveal

Monday, 10 December 2018

Side Hustle ♥ Blog Tour ♥ #Review #KindleUnlimited

From New York Times bestselling author Emily Goodwin comes a sexy standalone romance about a single dad who has sworn off women and the nanny who is faced with the biggest con she has ever pulled, not falling in love.
Side Hustle by Emily Goodwin is live!
Side Hustle ebook cover.jpg

Side Hustle

When Scarlet Cooper takes a new job as a nanny, she assumes she’s going to work for the rich couple who hired her. But instead of pulling up to their million-dollar estate, she finds herself on the front porch of a humble farmhouse, looking into the eyes of dark and brooding single dad, Weston Dawson.
It’s bad enough that Weston doesn’t have a fortune to charm out of him, but he’s also a cop. After marrying his high school sweetheart only to have her up and leave weeks after their baby was born, Weston has sworn off women for life. All that matters now is taking care of his son, Jackson.
If anyone can break down the tough exterior of the former soldier, it’s Scarlet. But just when she’s close to getting exactly what she wants, she’s faced with a whole new challenge, which just might be the biggest con she’s ever pulled: pretending she doesn’t love him.

Download your copy today!
Add to GoodReads: https://bit.ly/2NYnbaZ
Release Blitz teaser .jpg
Scarlet Cooper likes the quick easy money. She’s a professional hustler and her morals are tainted. Her father isn’t well and she will do whatever she can to give him a comfortable life. Scarlet is from the wrong side of town, she has made some bad choices and her sister is currently in prison. She isn’t a bad person. She’s a survivor. It’s time for Scarlet to find a new hustle. A rich family to exploit or a husband to blackmail, but this time she’s about to find more than she bargained for. The job isn’t what she expects. The mission needs to be aborted. 

Weston Dawson is a cop. He wants to be a county sheriff, but he has a young dependant. His son is 4 years old and his wife has run off. He loves his son, Jackson and wants to give him a good life. His family are close and his sister wants to help him land his dream job. She helps him find a Nanny. Scarlet has the experience. She’s beautiful and fun. She’s good with his kid. What Wes wasn’t expecting was his feelings for her. He had given up on love a long time ago, but Scarlet re-awakens something he thought was long gone.

Scarlet knew she was in over her head the second she laid eyes on Weston. He’s all man and she is struggling to resist. She should have turned and left the second she realised this wasn’t the gig she signed up for, but now she has too much to lose. 

Scarlet has always put her family first, even though her childhood was not the best. She cares for them. When she meets the Dawson family she wishes she could keep them, but she has a past and Wes is a cop. What starts as a hustle gone wrong turns into a family so right. Can scarlet find her happy ever after? She loves the kid and Wes, but can they truly love her back? 

This is probably the best-hired nanny story I’ve read. The characters are well developed and the romance is heated. It’s funny and heartwarming. This is my first book by Emily Goodwin and I hope it’s not my last. I really enjoyed this story. The Side Hustle can be read as a stand-alone, however, it’s part of the Dawson family series. This family is loveable. This is a great read. 

It’s intended for mature audiences.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. It’s a thumbs up from me. 5 out of 5. Fabulous from beginning to end.

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.
She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she's not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.
Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.
Connect with Emily:

Secret Santa & The Christmas Wedding Tour and Giveaway

Secret Santa
by Keren Hughes
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Being born and raised in the town of Snowflake has its perks for Aneurin Mackenzie, she’s seen it all; businesses booming and the town flourishing. Sadly, she’s also seen it torn to shreds by a previous mayor.

Then, in comes cocky, arrogant, filthy rich Preston Wolfric III with his “fresh ideas” to bring business back to this small town. He wants to turn Snowflake around, bringing it to the 21st century. 
However, Nye will not let her town be changed without a fight.

He’s a big city alpha male, she’s a small town girl with no desire to change. She plans to run him out of town but what she doesn’t count on is that cocky jerk making his way under her skin, seeping into her veins.

She didn’t realise how devastatingly handsome he is. He didn’t realise what he needed was right in front of him.
What will happen when Preston and Nye’s worlds collide? Will there be sparks or will it become a fire that lays waste to everything they thought they knew?

Do opposites really attract?

Keren Hughes lives in the UK and is an avid bookworm. She fondly remembers the days where she would lie in her bedroom away from distraction and get lost in the world of make believe. Her first real memory of reading something she fell in love with was The Hobbit. In her teenage years, she became addicted to Point Horror books like RL Stine's The Boyfriend, but she also enjoyed light Summer reads like What Katy Did and What Katy Did Next.

Over the years she has come to realise that she is a bit of an OCD freak about books. They have to be in perfect condition without the slightest bit of damage.
She has been a book reviewer for the last few years and a book hoarder for a LOT longer. You can NEVER have too many books! Her shelves are bulging and overflowing but she always wants "just one more book".

Keren had her first book published by Limitless Publishing in November 2013. It's a YA Paranormal Romance novel called Stolen. Her second book was published with LP in May 2014. This time, an NA Contemporary Romance called Nothing Like The First Time.
She couldn't have been more surprised when NLTFT appeared on the Amazon Best Seller list. That was a dream come true.
Keren is currently working on more NA Contemporary Romances for you to fall in love with.

The Christmas Wedding
The Harvest Ridge Series Book 1.5
by K.L. Ramsey
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Lorna Sanders stepped up to raise her niece, after her sister and brother-in-law’s tragic deaths. She never allowed herself to dream that someday she would have a family of her own, but meeting Jonathan Sawyer changes all of that. He teaches Lorna that age is just a number and dreams can come true, especially at Christmas.

Jonathan Sawyer’s job is to keep Lorna’s family safe, he never imagined that job would also include protecting her heart. He just needs to convince Lorna that wishing for her heart’s desire and Christmas miracles are both possible. Can Sawyer’s plan, for a Christmas wedding be enough to show her that it’s never too late to find happily ever after? 

K. L. Ramsey was born and raised in Maryland. As a child she struggled in school, having to attend speech and reading therapy. Her teacher told her that she would never be a very good reader; that English was just not her thing. She continued to struggle until eleventh grade, when she signed up for a Creative Writing class. Her high school teacher saw her potential and submitted a short story, that K. L. had written for class, to a local literary publication. The story was not only published but won an award for best short story. Knowing that someday she wanted to become a writer, K. L. received her BA in English from Salisbury State University.

K. L. Ramsey currently resides in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!). She lives with hunky scientist, two now not so little people, and six fur babies. In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, attend WVU football games and drink wine with girlfriends.

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Electric Skies #CoverReveal

Electric Skies
Belle Malory
(Twelfth Keeper #5)
Publication date: February 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
The strange planet Kennedy has called home for the last year transformed her into something more powerful than she ever imagined.
But it’s not home.
It’s not Earth.
And most importantly, it doesn’t have Phoenix.
Faced with life-altering decisions, Kennedy is forced to abandon everything she’s built for an uncertain future. The journey won’t be easy, but she’s survived greater odds. If it means reclaiming the life she lost, she’ll do whatever it takes. Even if it means letting go of something she never expected to want.

Author Bio:
I don't consider myself a writer. I'm a storyteller. I live in Orlando, FL with my family. Keep up with me on social media. I love hearing from readers!
Pre-Order Link: https://amzn.to/2PuJrtU 

 The release date is March 8th


Mindset Accountability Journal #Blitz

 photo The Minset Accountability Journal Book Cover_zpsasgdaxnx.jpg
Self-help, inspirational, motivational
Date Published: December 10, 2018
Publisher: Lucid Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Are you stuck in a life you want to be different, but have no idea where to start?

The Mindset Accountability Journal will jump-start you to a life you can enjoy living every day. By establishing incremental daily habits, you will embark on a path to gratitude, self-growth, and fulfillment. This journal will help you:

·        Discover who you were meant to be

·        Shift your focus to what is good and wonderful in your life

·        Create an attitude of mindset growth

You will never regret taking charge of your life and living with gratitude. The journey is rewarding and challenging. It takes only 30 minutes each day to make progress with your future, one day at a time.

A portion of the book's proceeds will support BridgeHope, whose efforts enable survivors of exploitation and trafficking to THRIVE!


I have always been fascinated by the butterfly and how, through its metamorphosis, it changes from an ugly worm into a beautiful insect. It flies free and brings so much beauty to our lives. This journal is the beginning of your metamorphosis. It may not seem like this small change, spending 30 minutes a day working on your inner self, can change your life so much, but it will.

About the Author

 photo Allie Hudson Head Shot_zpsjgprygu2.jpg
Allie Hudson grew up in LaGrange, Ohio, and attended Moody Bible Institute, studying education. In 1991, she married Larry Sellers, who passed away of a heart attack in May 2009. In 2010, she married Michael Hudson who passed away of cancer just three years later. In January 2012, Allie lost her corporate job of 20 years because of downsizing in the newspaper business. Throughout this five-year period of three major losses, the only way she survived was to focus on God and trust that He had a plan for her life. After struggling to maintain a daily consistent practice of growth and gratitude, she began a 40-day challenge to practice gratitude and personal growth. That journey taught her the need to help other people develop a daily practice of thankfulness and inspired her to share 'The Mindset Accountability Journal' with the world.

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