Tuesday 11 October 2016


Breakaway (Portland Storm #1) 

I'm not really a fan of books that have the main character being a recovering victim however for a free book, one off read I enjoyed this.

Dana Campbell is damaged from her past and unable to move on with her life. It has been years since her attack and she dreams of having a normal life, a normal relationship. She decides her last resort is to convince the only man she trusts into helping her.

Eric is the captain of the Portland Storm, life isn’t going as well as he would like and his team are not winning the top spot. His career is on the line but when Dana his best friends little sister asks for help he can’t say no. He knew her before her ordeal and just wants her to begin living again. His feelings aren’t important in his plan to help her but every day it gets harder to deny how much he loves her. 

4.5 stars out of 5.

Free for Kindle readers. Pages 322.
11 December 2013 Published.  

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