Saturday 7 January 2017

Burn Baby Byrne


Burn Baby Byrne: A Secret Baby Romance (Byrne Brothers Book 2) 

Holly Hart

Book Review:

I would recommend you start with book one especially since this story opens with the wedding of the couple from it. We met the Byrne twins in the first novel. We have heard Declan's story, and now it's Kieran's turn. He may be second in command, but he still has a significant role. His brother is away on honeymoon, but that doesn't mean business isn't running as usual. He is loyal to his family and willing to do whatever it takes.

Sofia Morello is the sister of Mickey who is in charge of a rival mob. Siblings rivalry can be a bitch, and they don't see eye to eye. Sofia feels she has to keep her emotions locked up and her head on straight. Her family doesn't always make the best decisions, and she feels she needs to keep her composure. People think she's cold hearted and emotionless, but girls got to do what girls gotta do. In a moment of weakness or maybe it was to piss off her brother Sofia takes Kieran to bed. She sets the rules. It's just sex no talking especially about business.
Can Kieran melt the ice queen? Can two rivals have a future when their families are at war? And will they figure out what is going on between their two families before it's too late?

4 stars out of 5. I liked Sofia. I felt you got to know her character and motives. They may refer to as the Ice Queen, but she's playing her cards close.

This book was recommended to me via the author however I downloaded it through the kindle unlimited store.

Kindle Edition 99p or Free for kindle unlimited users, 204 pages
Published January 1st, 2017

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