Sunday 19 November 2017

The Good Sister

The Good Sister 

My Review:

Two ladies both named Isobel's. Both 60+ and single. This is a reflection of the past story.

Bel is visiting her aunt Isobel in Scotland. She has travelled all the way from Sydney back to the house she grew up in. Her aunt wants to leave her house to Bel. She is hoping she will follow her wishes, and make the house into something special. Bel meets Isobel's solicitor and some of her old friends. Isobel is the meddling old lady but in a friendly way. She wants Bel to get reacquainted with Scotland in this heartwarming tale of love and war.

This book flits between modern time and the past (starting early as the 1940's). Bel reads Isobel's memoirs reflecting on her own past and gets a glimpse into her own parent's romance. Bob is Isobel's once upon a time. He is the man who held so much promise and temptation.

Isobel is the good sister and lives a bittersweet life. This book isn't my usual happy-go-lucky story, but it was enjoyable. 4 stars out of 5.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review via Hidden Gems.  

Kindle Edition £0.99, 264 pages
Expected publication: November 23rd 2017 by Cala Publishing

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