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The Rage Room
by Lisa de Nikolits
Genre: Speculative Fiction

What if you had a chance to fix the worst mistake of your life…but only made things worse? The Rage Room dives into dystopia with an extraordinary tale about choices and second chances. Sharps Barkley jumps back in time and finds that changing the future isn’t as easy as he thought. 

Set in 2055, our plastic world is run by robots, fueled by consumerism, twisted religion and virtual data. Satellites control the weather, food is grown in laboratories. Arts and culture are distant memories. Beneath the sunny skies and behind the garbage-free suburban McMansions live deeply disturbed, materialistic families. Prescribed visits to rage rooms lance desperate anger, boredom and discontent but the band-aid fix hides disturbing governmental motives.
An intense and provocative exploration of societal coded messages, The Rage Room is an action-packed story of unravelling and alternate realities, of disturbing and searching re-runs. Can the army of feminist hackers restore Mother Nature?
Can love triumph over fear? And, ultimately, can the children be saved? 

Dark, fun, weird, imaginative, The Rage Room is a dystopic ride perfect for the anxieties and conditions of the present day. The paranoia of Sharps Barkley seeps into you, propelling this thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end. 
– David Albertyn, author of Undercard.

Leave it to the wild imagination of Lisa de Nikolits to bring us the dystopian future of The Rage Room, an extraordinarily inventive speculative fiction thriller with a decidedly feminist bent. Fast-paced, funny, bold, and completely engrossing, The Rage Room is an allegory, a cautionary tale, and a rollicking good read that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned. 
– Amy Jones, author of We’re All in This Together and Every Little Piece of Me.

In turns unsettling and very funny, The Rage Room is a berserk science-fiction satire of toxic masculinity, narrated by your guide, Sharps, the neurotic, rage-filled Jason Bateman of the future. There are lines and descriptions that will stop you dead in your tracks and make you take notes. 
– Evan Munday, The Dead Kid Detective Agency series

In her latest captivating book, de Nikolits proffers not only a roller coaster of entertainment, but also, sharp political commentary in complicated times. The Rage Room is an intricately woven dystopian world, rich in strong female characters who easily whisk readers to a world of futuristic follies. Move over George Orwell – de Nikolits shows us how the future can be scary, exciting, and above all, female. 
– Kelly S. Thompson, National Bestseller author of Girls Need Not Apply: Field Notes from the Forces.




I couldn’t live like this. And I couldn’t let my children live like this either. There was only one

solution. I had to go back and kill them. I’d never been so certain of anything in my life.

I held my wrist out. The gates opened and through I went.

But when I opened my eyes, I wasn’t in my house. I was in the rage room. I smelled of asphalt

and diesel. I held a hammer and I was poised, mid swing.

This was all wrong. I was supposed to be back in my house, back in the clean world where I’d

be in control. What was going on?

And then it all came back to me. 

Every so often I like to choose a book that’s outside my usual genre. The Rage Room was that wild card for me and I really enjoyed it. It’s set in a dystopian world which I’m a fan of, however, this was a little different as our main character is found there by his own fault.

Sharps Barkley wants to change the world using time travel but everyone knows changing things has a ripple effect. Sharps finds himself in the Rage Room. His new reality isn’t pleasant but he gets through it with dark twisted humour and a chance to explore his new reality.

Sharps isn’t the hero type but he is entertaining. Set in 2055 we explore the future with the humour of the past. This is an undesirable world for Sharps right til the end. Can he find redemption or will he find his worth?

*This isn’t a romance novel. I think it’s classed as feminist fiction. It’s an interesting thriller which kept me engaged right till the end.

*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour. The writing style is good and the creative world comes to life.




Lisa de Nikolits is the internationally award-winning author of ten novels (all Inanna Publications). No Fury Like That was published in Italian in 2019 by Edizione Le Assassine as Una furia dell’altro mondo. Her short fiction and poetry have also been published in various anthologies and journals internationally. She is a member of the Mesdames of Mayhem, the Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, The Australian Crime Writers, The Short Fiction Mystery Association and the International Thriller Writers. Originally from South Africa, Lisa de Nikolits came to Canada in 2000. She lives and writes in Toronto.

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