Sunday 20 February 2022

Cruel Knight by M.A. Lee blitz


Cruel Knight
M.A. Lee
(A Savannah Mafia Romance, #4)
Publication date: February 21st 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Mafia, Romance

“I never believed in fairy tales…that was until I met a dark knight.”
Ryder grew up envious of the Antoni Mafia Family. Watching from the outside, he always dreamed that one day he could earn his ranks and approval in one of Savannah’s most notorious crime families. Finding himself in the Army as a sniper, he returns back to Savannah with plans to prove himself and finally become a made man in the Antoni Mafia Family.

Abbigal grew up as a Las Vegas princess. As the daughter of a wealthy casino owner, she has spent her entire life under the glamour and bright lights of big cities like Vegas and Savannah. After the death of her father, Abbigail inherits a casino in Savannah. Knowing the industry, she is prepared for this new role. However, the Savannah Mafia families want a piece of the casino and won’t go down without a fight. Abbigail is up for the fight of her life and now a cocky, suave, man has gained her attention.
Like a moth drawn to a flame, Ryder finds himself intrigued by the one woman who isn’t interested in him. Trying to navigate a way into the casino and the Antoni Mafia Family, Ryder never thought he would also being finding a way into Abbigails heart, too.
Find out what happens when Ryder, has to earn his way into the Antoni Mafia Family and the heart of a Las Vegas Princess.

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“Are you stalking me? Let me remind you again, Ryder, that I am your boss. You should act professionally around me,” I spoke clearly.

Ryder chuckled as he ran a hand through his dark hair. “You keep reminding me that you are my boss. That you are in charge,” he said, closing the space between us. He now stood in front of me again, towering over me. “I think you get off on being in charge. You love the power; it turns you on,” he said slowly.

I drank in his words. Too shocked to speak, my mouth fell open as I glared back at this man.

Author Bio:

M.A. Lee is the persona of a wife and mother. Her obsession with coffee and book boyfriends drives her to create steamy romance novels.

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