Saturday 13 February 2016


Affliction (Book 1 in the Soul Seeker Series)

This book was something different but not really for me.

Affliction by dictionary definition means a state of pain, distress, grief or misery which is a good title for this book as it describes it well.
I'm not really into books that give negative vibes.

Melanie has a best friend Dani they are both unlucky in life. One night at a party a guy try's to encourage Dani to do something she doesn't want to and Mel saves her however she ends up being punished for it.
When Mel's punishment is over Dani has moved away to 3 peaks. Melanie decides to move to Danielle's  new town however when she gets there she finds out she is in coma after an accident. She visits her in hospital and that's where she meets Billy.

Melanie can see people's souls by looking into there eyes, unfortunately what she sees isn't always nice until she meets Billy.

This is a book of unfortunate events mixed with romance and a crime mystery.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

£4.20 for Kindle Edition.
330 pages Expected publication: February 29th 2016

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