Friday 26 May 2017

Alpha Grayson

Alpha Grayson (Alpha #3) 

Book Review: ♥ 

I downloaded this book via the Kindle Unlimited store as a set of three stories. I would recommend you start with Alpha Kaden's book first as it will enhance the reading of this one. However, it isn't essential. We learn vital information about Alpha Grayson in Kaden's book which is discovered later in this book.

Grayson knows who his mate is. That was the easy part. Convincing her, they are intended to be together isn't going to be easy.

Lexia has had a difficult life. Everything she was supposed to have was taken away from her. Now she is more careful of who she trusts. Alphas are not her favourite kind of shifters. She doesn't trust them, and this includes Grayson.

This book was okay. It still had a mystery and suspense element to it like Alpha Kaden's story, and there is obviously romance, but I didn't enjoy it as much. We meet Jasper in this book. Therefore, I guess it would be better to read this one before his story.

3 stars out of 5. This series was recommended to me via Inkitt.

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