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King of Spades by Alta Hensley blitz


King of Spades
Alta Hensley
(Dangerous Press)
Publication date: April 5th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Nick Hudson has a dangerous reputation.

That’s what I need if I’m going to survive.

Desperation makes me seek out a ruthlessly powerful billionaire.

I need protection.

He demands my virtue as payment.

I’m falling into a world of luxury and sin.

With every twist and turn, I need more.

Except this is not a man to love.

This is a man to fear.

His obsession grows. So does the threat, until I’m trapped in a world of depravity. I’ll need more than Nick’s strength to survive. I’m going to need his heart.

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There is a fine line between obsession and addiction.

If you ask me which one I suffer from, I can’t give you a clear answer.

I’ve been obsessing over a man. The constant thoughts of him are addicting and I don’t try to fight them off. Obsession or addiction or both?

There has never been a man with this power over me before. But this man… he’s different.

Nick Hudson.

And not just thoughts of him, but also his private playground known as Wonderland.

I’ve always wanted to go, and after that night, four months ago, I am starving to see what lurks beneath the man even more. It was only one night, and yet, it had been the most all-consuming night of my life.

It had been a whirlwind of emotions, and as quickly as everything had happened, it ended. We had kissed. We had touched. He had dominated my body, and then left me wanting more. It was a wicked taste of him and his world, and I’d do anything to experience it again. I will experience it again.


“You look amazing,” Sasha Morelli says with a flick of her dark hair, and one last glance at her own appearance before she closes her compact mirror, placing and places it into her purse. “You’ll fit in perfectly at Wonderland.”

I somehow control my huff that struggles for an escape at her words. I’m good at hiding my feelings, my emotions, and I’ve become a master at the‘ fake it until you make it ’school of thought. But the harsh reality—my reality—is I’ll never truly fit in anywhere. Regardless of what I wear, how I do my hair, or where I go, fitting in is elusive and always will be.

Especially tonight—going to Wonderland. There is no way in hell I’ll ever belong in a place like that. But I sure as hell can act like I do.

Author Bio:

Alta Hensley is a USA TODAY bestselling author of hot, dark and dirty romance. She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

She lives in a log cabin in the woods with her husband, two daughters, and an Australian Shepherd. When she isn't battling the bats, and watching the deer, she is writing about villains who always get their love story and happily ever after.

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