Friday 8 January 2016


Heat: Heat, Sizzle, Burn (Hotter than Hell Novel Book 1) 

Heat is a hot, dark romance about an ex -police officer. Madison is a private investigator, after being forced to retire from the police force due to injury her job prospects were slim. Being a cop was her dream job but a PI is just to pay the bills. 

Her latest case has brought her to a dingy parking garage to catch a cheating husband with a hooker. She is able to get the pictures she needs but that isn’t the only trouble the dirty douche bag is in. Madison is sucked into the dark world of crime and his name is Moon. The problem is what if you start to like and crave the dark? Madison may just have gotten in over her head. 

This is dark and twisted. If that’s your kind of book this is definitely for you. I really enjoyed this book. The title is very fitting to this book. 

4.5 stars out of 5. 

This book is 99p for Amazon Kindle readers and is well worth the money. 

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review* 

Kindle Edition, 221 pages
Expected publication: January 18th 2016

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