Friday 15 January 2016




This was just what I was looking for. I really wanted to sink my teeth into an island castaway story and there aren't really that many out there. I found this one on a Amazon forum and it was really good.

4 teens. Sarah and Kevin are twins and seem to have it all. They are rich and popular. Kevin is athlete and Sarah is the school princess. Their dad has an important business deal with another local man who has a family. He decided to join the families for a cruise vacation to try and close his business deal.

Jonathan and candi are both less popular and school. They are less accustom to having lots of money. Jonathan is a smart intellectual geek. He is more interested in knowledge than making friends.
Candi is just an ordinary girl with insecurities about her looks. She knows she's not model think and doesn't have Barbie plastic looks.
The foursome are thrown together on an adventure they will not forget. This book was funny, sweet, curious and totally worth a 5 star rating. Love it and at last I have had my island fix.

This book has been compared to the breakfast club and I guess the principle is kinda of the same; the jock, the princess, the geek and the mouse but I would also say it is so much more.

I would recommend it for the older teen up.

434 pages. Kindle: £2.63

Published January 1st 2012 by Elle Casey

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