Saturday 19 August 2017

Black Bird of the Gallows ♥ 5+ ♥ Must Read!

Black Bird of the Gallows

My Review: ♥ ♥ +

Holy hell! I couldn't get enough of this book. This takes the human/monster romance to a whole new level. The story is original and captivating. 

I would recommend Black Bird of the Gallows to everyone that likes monster stories and love a taboo romance. 

The house next door to Angie's is tainted. Would you want to live in a house where an unforgivable crime happened? Reece is new in town and has just moved into the creepy house. Now there are all theses crows surrounding it too and Angie is certain something isn't right.

Reece is everything Angie isn't. He fits into popularity at school without any effort. He plays sport and the girls are interested in getting to know him. He isn't someone Angie would normally notice but somehow they are drawn to each other. He has a secret and she wants to know even if it could be deadly.

This book is a teen read and not scary (It's just hard to describe without giving anything away). It's about truly loving someone no matter what. There are more strange happenings in this story than romance but it is necessary. The ending is perfect and the story was action packed. I loved this book. 5+ stars.

*ARC received in exchange for a fair review*

Expected publication: September 5th 2017, by Entangled Publishing

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