Thursday 28 December 2017



Skylar (The Club Girl Diaries Book 7) 

Book Review:

Skylar has escaped a past she never wants to return to. She joined the Brothers by Blood MC as a club girl and loves the freedom it offers. She's studying at school and doesn't need a boyfriend. She has all the love she needs from the club.

Eagle is suffering from post traumatic stress after serving in the army. He goes to meetings and try's his best to get by, but things will never be the same for him. He doesn't get close to people and he certainly doesn't date. In fact, he doesn't even sleep with the club girls.

Skylar's sister finds her and is in need of some help. Skylar's past is about to catch up with her but not all of its bad. Her sister doesn't understand the rules of the outside world, but Skylar's happy to have her free of her colony.

A road trip which pairs Skylar and Eagle together is the start of a new friendship. Their troubles are about to come to head.

I loved this book. I've read this book out of order, but it can be read as a standalone and it didn't affect the story. The story is engaging, gritty and sexy as sin.

5 stars out of 5.

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Published November 18th 2017

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