Tuesday 19 February 2019

Arrangement Duet Tour and Giveaway #KindleUnlimited

On His Terms
The Arrangement Duet Book 1
by Madison Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Fleeing an abusive relationship normally doesn’t lead to a contract.

After being burned by an ex Nicholas doesn’t trust easily. However, his refusal to have a serious girlfriend threatens everything he has spent the last five years working to accomplish. Somehow, instability in his love life has convinced the public that he can’t manage a multi-billion dollar investment firm. If he doesn’t change things quickly, he’ll risk losing everything he’s worked his entire life for.

To solve his problems, Nicholas hires Kenzie to be his pretend girlfriend. With the terms of their contract firmly in place, Kenzie is confident this arrangement will allow her to ditch at least one of the deadbeat jobs she’s endured to keep from returning to the horrors she left behind.

Keeping their arrangement completely professional slowly becomes complicated as attraction rises to the surface. Both of their futures are riding on this arrangement working and neither can afford to lose the other.

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“Mr. Parker, with all due respect, we did not expect you would bring a different woman to every event—“ Mr. Snyder says.
“What the fuck do you want me to do? I can’t fucking sit here and let them question my ability to run my company and in turn handle billions of other people’s money, based upon whether or not I’m in a relationship with someone. Everyone around this table knows I am not in a committed relationship right now nor do I plan on being in one anytime soon. I keep my private life private for a reason! I don’t fucking date because I don’t want the paparazzi to see me out with different women and then gossip about them as well. This magazine, right here, is the exact reason I don’t fucking date!”
“Fuck, Alex! Did you not hear me when I said I am not in a relationship right now nor do I plan to be in one?! Where the fuck do you propose I find someone who wants to drop everything and go to events weekly, if not more often with me? Fuck, in the next month I have at least seven or eight events that I need to attend… I don’t even want to go to these things, so how the fuck can I find someone else to go?”
It’s still hard to wrap my head around the thought that she is the type of woman who would accept money in exchange for a date. I can’t help but wonder if her innocence is all some act, but at the same time, that innocence was there the night we met her on the sidewalk after the rainstorm. If I believe her, she had no idea who I was that night or even tonight, although I’m sure as soon as she gets home tonight she will be on Google, finding out everything she can about me. She will not only learn that I’m one of New York’s youngest billionaires, but she will also have the opportunity to read everything the media has written about me including when they rake my name through mud over my personal life. Ever since the plan my PR department came up with backfired, I have been attending events solo, which of course the media still thinks means I’m hiding something, but at least I don’t have to hear about why I bring a different woman to each event.
I wake up covered in sweat, my heart beating erratically as I frantically look around the room, expecting him to be standing there. When my brain finally catches up to reality, my breathing finally begins to slow down as I realize he isn’t here and can no longer hurt me. I haven’t had a nightmare in a couple of weeks; they seem to come at random times and always without warning.
“I hadn’t been alone with a man, in more than two years, before I walked into your apartment that night,” she finally says, albeit very quietly, almost as if she’s afraid of what she is saying.
But I won’t, and I can’t. I can’t jeopardize our arrangement, and more importantly I would never hurt her. I’m not what she needs, what she deserves, and I don’t think I ever could be. She deserves someone who comes without baggage, someone who won’t have issues trusting her completely. The realization that I could never be that man is the equivalent of having a bucket of ice dumped down my swim trunks.
She pulls back slightly from me until her face is only a couple inches from me, her hands are still wrapped around my neck and mine around her waist. My eyes find hers and immediately I feel like she is looking at me differently. I feel like she can see right through me, as if she can see deep into me. Suddenly, I feel… exposed.

On Her Terms
The Arrangement Duet Book 2

Lines are blurred…

It’s just business,” billionaire businessman Nicholas Parker keeps reminding himself. But when he stares into Kenzie Rose’s eyes, runs his hands along her sexy body, any pretext of business flies out the window.
The stakes are escalating. Someone from his past is out to destroy his reputation, his business, his life. Kenzie, and their fake arrangement is the only answer. But what if the arrangement is not enough? In more ways than one? More than his business is at risk…

When the passion ignites between them, Kenzie wonders if this is more than business. And can she keep her own demons away? Can Nicholas save his business and the woman he’s falling for? The danger is real, and it’s not only his fortune he’s risking, it’s his heart, and Kenzie’s future.

Is he willing to sacrifice his heart for his career? Is he willing to sacrifice everything for the love of a woman? And what will she sacrifice? And what about their arrangement?

On Her Terms is the explosive sequel to the wildly popular On His Terms by Madison Quinn.

Madison Quinn is a mom to three energetic boys who constantly keep her on the go. She's also a wife to an amazing husband.

She works full time in the human services industry and in her spare time she enjoys reading and writing.

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