Sunday 10 February 2019

Hold Me By Chelsea McDonald #CoverReveal

Hold Me

By Chelsea McDonald


Her newest romance, Hold Me, is the second Vibrations Novella set to release.
Tash thinks he’s a misfit. Luke thinks she’s a goddess. Two people that are complete opposites but couldn’t be more alike.

“When she’s out of sight I retreat into my new room and close the bedroom door.

This is going to be harder than I thought. I’d heard Gabby talk about Tash, but only snippets. Evidently,  snippets I wasn’t really paying attention to. I’d even seen photos of her with Gabby and Kate. But, we had yet to officially meet. And, holy fuck, I can’t believe how hard Gabby has been holding out on me.

I dial her number and wait for her to answer. “Hey Luke! What’s going on?”

“Are you for real? You want me to live with this chick?”

“Luke, that’s not nice. You haven’t even given her a chance. This is one of my best friends you’re talking about.”

“I think you’re taking what I’m saying the wrong way. She’s going to drive me nuts. She’s carefree, she fucking cooks, she has a cat named Whiskey for fuck sake. Do not even get me started on her body. Gabby, I’ve never been so hard from hearing someone speak. Like, ever.”

“Gross. Way too much information there Luke. But, I’m glad you seem to be getting along.”

“Gabby are you even listening to the words I’m saying, I don’t want to get along with her. I want to be getting it on with her.”

“I heard you. And all I’d like to say is, check and mate.”

(Hold Me, Chapter 4 - Luke)

To read the rest… HOLD ME Releases March 16th 😜

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