Saturday 21 September 2019

Vampire's Curse Tour and Giveaway

The Vampire's Curse: Life Eternal
by J.G. Gatewood
Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy 

There's no other way to say it; cancer is a bitch. When I was fifteen, Doctor's diagnosed me with a rare brain tumor and gave me five years to live. With my death imminent, I made a deal with the Devil. Well, not the real Devil, but one of his minions for sure. Out of options, I accepted an offer for eternal life. I agreed to become a vampire. And all I had to offer in exchange was one year of service to a Duke named Aldric. What is one year in the grand scheme of things? Especially, when I'd live forever.
Now, two years later, I have a different view of vampires. I live in the shadows and have no contact with any of my friends or family. I hate what I've become and If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. To make matters worse, Aldric is summoning me for my one year of service. When I refuse, they hunt me like an animal. I'm run over by a car and witness my mother's death at the hands of Aldric's minions. No one stands up to-let alone refuses-Aldric, but enough is enough. I can't live like this. I'm always watching over my shoulder, and fear each new person I meet is on a mission to kill me. This is not a second lease on life; its torture and the only way it will end is if I kill Aldric. It's time for him to die.

My outward appearance is ordinary. When I was human, girls ignored
me, and most wouldn’t give me the time of day. Now, they can’t
help themselves. My body emits a pheromone, drawing them in and
driving them crazy. All because of what I am. And I hate myself every
day for it.
Whatever. People think they know or understand me. They don’t
have a clue.
Part of the problem, Hollywood has ravaged our image. My skin
doesn’t sparkle like the world’s largest diamond when I step into the
sun. I’m much faster than a human, but I’m not the Flash, flying
around in a blur. I won’t explode into a ridiculous fountain of flesh and
goo when I’m killed. I’m not afraid of the sun and I don’t sleep in a
coffin. That’s right; I eat, drink, sleep, and piss just like each and every
one of you. Well, maybe not you…. Hell, I could be next to you right
now and you wouldn’t know. Just another average person flitting from
point A to point B during my usual, mundane life.
Why do I hate it? Because you see me as a monster, that’s why. My
family, being the good Catholics that they are, will never accept me for
what I am, nor will they appreciate what I’ve done. That’s why I faked
my death and spared them the truth. It wasn’t too difficult, considering
my diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. You don’t understand how hard
it is letting everyone you love, believe you’re dead. It’s painful and lonely.

J.G. Gatewood is the author of the Keepers of the Orbs Fantasy Series and other writing projects. The first three books in the series (The Unknown Man, The Rising Past, A Shadow Within) are available on Amazon, as are his YA Fantasy novel, The Final Offering, and his Sci-Fi short story, Redemption.
When J.G. Gatewood is not writing, he is a full-time Subject Matter Expert and an avid reader.
He lives in Parker, Colorado with his wife of 16 years, and two sons. In what little free time he has remaining, he is usually busy brewing his own beer, crafting his own wine or enjoying a fine cigar.

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