Saturday 29 February 2020

Have you grabbed Milo yet?

Have you grabbed Milo yet?

Special Release Price of 99 pennies ends tomorrow!

Also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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The first in a brand new series! Meet the Waite family!

He called her Rapunzel.
Now she’s back in a tower of her own making.
Can he rescue his princess and live happily ever after?

After purchasing her nan’s old home, Violet Blake wonders if the mysterious Waite family still live in the house across the garden. But there are bigger things to worry about—like how she’s going to get the hole in the ceiling repaired and the neglected house modernised. Lucky for her, the Waite family do turn out to be her neighbours and run a property renovation business.

Enter Milo Waite.
Caveman. Protector. Stubborn as hell.

He won’t take no for an answer and sets about making sure his princess has her castle. But repairing the house isn’t his only project. He wants Violet.

Real life isn’t a fairy tale though, and buried family secrets threaten not only their budding relationship but to tear their families apart.

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