Sunday 16 February 2020

Sort of Normal Tour and Giveaway!

Sort of Normal 
by Liz Ashlee 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Falling in love isn’t as easy as staying in love. 

Carter Hart and Boone Fell’s lives are tangle of perfect and imperfect memories. In a world of drugs, alcoholism and neglectful parents, their love for each other kept them strong. But all it takes is one kiss and a lie to tear them apart. 

When Carter’s brother, Declan, dies of an overdose, Boone decides he can’t let another day of secrets and mistaken circumstances keep them apart. His only problem? Now that he’s ready to move forward with Carter, she’s ready to leave him where she thinks he belongs: in the past. 

For once in my life, we're on even ground. "I don't like it," I tell him. "The nickname, I mean."
"You used to."
"I was little. I liked everything you said—including a nickname after an ugly bug. I tried to find one good thing about them, and you know what I found?"
He actually looks curious. "What?"
"They aren't harmful to humans or animals, and that's about it. They kill crops, burrow into the ground, come back out, and die. Oh, and they make good food for small creatures. I'm really glad that I represent that to you."
"I think they're actually beautiful, you know," he tells me as we come to a stop at a crosswalk and wait for the light to change. "They're resilient, and they always emerge around the same time. You can put a lot of faith in a Junebug to do what it's gotta do."

Liz Ashlee is a romance novelist who is known for Step Toward You and "Wishing in on Water" in the Once Upon a Summer collection. She has her Bachelors in Library Informatics and English from Northern Kentucky University, and is currently pursuing her master's degree. She lives in Independence, KY with her parents, their three cats, and her dog, Hero. Her pride and joy is getting to be a dog-mother, friend, and daughter to those in her life. 

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