Saturday 16 May 2020

First Time's a Charm #Review #Audiobook


First Time's a Charm

(Grimalkin Academy: Kittens #1)



Laura greenwood's academy books are my favourite of her large collection. The audiobooks are really good and this is partly because I like the narrator. The Grimalkin Academy follows two best friends, and each series is a set of stories.

Mona is our leading lady in this series and unlike Daphne, she's having problems with her magic. Since moving to the academy something seems out of sink. Every time she performs a spell the results are unpredictable. Conjuring kittens are cute and all, but not what she's aiming for. With two new guys on campus, can one of them help her with her problem, or will things get complicated with the crush she has on Daphne's brother, Ryan?

First time's a charm is the first book in the series. It doesn't have all the answers but is a great start. I can't wait for more.

ARC in exchange for an honest review. I'm hooked on Laura Greenwood books.

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