Wednesday 12 May 2021

Motherland (Book #3 in the Tom Grant series) by Samantha Adair #CoverReveal


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#CoverReveal for #SamanthaAdair with #PhoenixBookPromo ➜ Motherland 

(Book #3 in the Tom Grant series) by Samantha Adair is #ComingSoon Hosted by 

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Release Date:  31st May 2021

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“I need your help.” She sits up, keeping one hand against Tom’s chest. “I made a promise to my 

father and I intend to keep it.”


When Isabella leaves Belgium without a word and appears in a London Tesco, Tom realises his heart is 

exactly where he left it six months earlier. But, Isabella has plans. Dangerous plans. 

To bury her father in the Motherland.

With The Organisation still looking for her and offering a sizable bounty on her head, she knows 

she’s flying back into hell. But she made a promise to her father on his deathbed. A promise she 

will keep at all costs. 

In and out in five days. That’s the plan.

When a childhood friend finds Tom and Isabella outside her dilapidated childhood home, nostalgia and 

warmth flood Isabella’s heart. But can he be trusted? 

Separated from Tom and terrified, Isabella is forced into a life she had long escaped, 

while Tom is held as insurance against her.

When an unlikely ally appears and offers help, they make a dangerous decision that sets

 them on a bloody dash across Russia to keep them alive. 

Will Tom and Isabella get out of Russia before they are captured? Or are inside forces 

working against them at every turn?


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