Monday 24 May 2021

Sable (Kingdom of Durundal book #10) by S.E. Turner is #NowLive


★.•°`☆ NEW RELEASE ☆`°•.★

#ReleaseBlitz for #SETurner with #PhoenixBookPromo ➜ Sable (Kingdom of Durundal book #10) by S.E. Turner is #NowLive Hosted by Phoenix Book Promo ➜ @sharon.e.t  @phoenixbookpromo

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In her dreams, a voice whispers to her. The voice tells her she is destined to wield a legendary sword and that her path will lead to greatness. It says the way forward lies in the handsome Viking set on winning her heart, but only if she unravels the mystery hanging over her first.


Waking up to a burned out village where everyone has been slaughtered, is nothing short of a nightmare for Sable. In an instant, every hope she had for the future has disappeared, along with her one true love who is lost somewhere at sea. 

But survival is just the beginning of an incredible adventure that will take her across mighty oceans, through many storms, and into the paths of murdering undesirables as she embarks on a journey to find the man she loves and unravel the mystery that surrounds her. 

With great loss comes great determination and none more than Sable, even if it is painted with blood, strewn with bodies and scattered with the pieces of her own broken heart.


Deliciously epic, fans of Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and The Mists of Avalon will relish Sable - The Kingdom of Durundal

★★★★★ The scenes are written with such realism, incredible talent and unique insight, it blasts this sparkling jewel to life.

★★★★★ Magic and gods, vikings and dragons - this is a must read for all. 

★★★★★ If you enjoy Viking stories, then you will love this.

★★★★★ Romance, action, adventure, history, mythology, folklore, magic ... and dragons!!! This book has it all and you don't want to miss it. 

★★★★★ Breathtakingly Beautiful. Loved every minute of it. Can't wait for Sagitta.


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