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Bonds of Discord by Alexa H. Michaels #CoverReveal


Bonds of Discord
Alexa H. Michaels
Publication date: January 28th 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

This story is a fairy tale in the original sense–there is no “happily ever after” for me.
As the daughter of the alpha, I’ve been taught to put the needs of the pack before my own. Yet, my father does the unthinkable and betroths me to a fae prince…but not the one I picked. How can I sit by and let Fate ignore my desires?
But what can I do to fix this?
Something so desperate it could break the laws of nature itself.
If all goes well, I can be with the prince I want.
If my plan fails, the repercussions will be felt for generations to come.

In fairy tales, the princess is supposed to ride off into the sunset with the love of her life. While it doesn’t seem like that future is in my cards, I’m going to do whatever I can to make it a reality. Let Fate be my judge, jury, and if need be…my executioner!

Bonds of Discord is a novella and a prequel to the Wolves of Denae trilogy. While some of the main characters from the trilogy are introduced here, Bonds of Discord focuses on the origin story of a young wolf-shifter and her tragic end. With the new adult content of the modern dark fantasy genre, this story brings to mind the classic formula found in the timeless tales of the Brothers Grimm, Andrew Lang, and Hans Christian Anderson. Lessons are learned the hard way and the hapless heroine endures a bittersweet nightmare.

***Bonds of Discord has adult content that might not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised!

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Author Bio:

When Alexa isn't writing, she can be found with a book in her lap and a mug of coffee or glass of red wine within reach. A native of the North Woods, Alexa is an avid lake-jumper, beach lounger, and sunshine lover.

Alexa is living a happily ever after with her own steamy hero. Together they have an English Springer fur-baby and would love a few more!

Alexa loves any type of love story. So you can find her writing both contemporary romance and fantasy novels. Instead of making a separate pen name, Alexa just adds her middle initial to her fantasy genre books!

Alexa H. Michaels ~ Author of Fantasy

Alexa Michaels ~ Author of Romance

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