Monday 17 January 2022

FILTHY RICH VAMPIRES - THE COMPLETE DUET releases on Tuesday 18 January 2022


One journalist looking for secrets of the filthy rich. Four vampires looking for a mate to share. FILTHY RICH PLAYERS Carter, Flynn, Smith, and Jayden are sons of the Billionaire elite of Carbon Beach. All play and no work, their reputation of treating women badly lands on gossip columnist Serena Saxton’s desk. Eager for an expose that will whisk her away from her mediocre Manhattan house-share, she jumps at the chance to travel to Malibu and unearth the secrets of the infamous players. But their darkest secret is one she couldn't have foreseen – they're vampires, looking for one woman to love and to share, and they think Serena might be the one… FILTHY RICH HUSBANDS Finally, they've found the woman of their dreams… and they want her to be their wife. Carter, Flynn, Smith, and Jayden, are now living with, and loved-up with, Serena… but is it all about to turn into a nightmare? After unearthing a secret about her past, Serena feels she needs to focus on that before thinking about the future. Not to mention, Smith needs to deal with his demons, and they aren't all in his mind. Carter's and Flynn's careers begin to soar, and Jayden's ex returns to Carbon Beach. 

Can they move forward together when life is pulling them apart? This duet is a why choose romance. Expect high heat and high drama - it's vampires after all! Andie xo

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Also available in paperback.

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