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Sisterhood of Secrets by Winnifred Tataw blitz


The Sisterhood of Secrets
Winnifred Tataw
(The Gods ’Scion, #4)
Publication date: July 1st 2022
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy

Author Winnifred Tataw explores kingdoms and worldbuilding in this fantasy novel full of secrets and twists in her latest book, The Sisterhood of Secrets.

The story follows Arcelia, her flawed family, and Prince Rodrick, as they tumble through the deserts and underground city of Siesa Arid. Everything has been off since she found out her mother could be a murderer with the whispers of lies and broken promises hanging over her head. She hopes that a visit to her twin cousins ’homeland of Siesa Arid may be the kind of family reconciliation she’s been hoping to have. Arcelia and Rodrick are troubled by threats from a criminal organization; they become overwhelmed with moral questions of right and wrong. All with the help and under the watchful eye of the Archangel and God of Life.

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“The queen called for me,” I said.

One of them nodded as he knocked on Queen Riva’s office door. After a short while, she didn’t answer the door, so he hit it again.

“What is it?” she grumbled from the other side.

The guards cautiously opened the door to speak to the Queen.

“Let her in,” was all I heard echoed back.

The two guards stepped out to let me inside the office.

“Thank you,” I said to them as I was face to face with the Queen of Diar. She was still in her royal ceremony attire, with fewer jewels and hairpins adorning her. Her crown no longer sat on her head, yet no strand of silver hair laid out of place. The room’s lights were soft and dimmed, with a light cinnamon aroma.

I bowed. “Good evening, Queen Riva.”

“Good evening, Duchess,” she pointed to the seat in front of her desk. “Please have a seat.” I did as I was told and sat down, letting the yellow dress drape over the legs of the chair.

“So, how did you enjoy my son’s wedding?” she asked.

“It was beautiful. Honestly, it was fun seeing a different type of wedding.” I smiled softly. The queen’s face didn’t move. It was pretty chilling.

“That’s good.” She sighed, “Well. You are smart enough to know I didn’t call you here for just small talk.”

I nodded. I could hear my heartbeat slowly rising. I was so nervous. Throughout all the years I had been with Rodrick, Riva had never asked to talk to me like this.

“The reason for this conversation wasn’t planned, Duchess.” the Queen said. “I had only thought of it until today as my son’s wedding proceeded.”

She rubbed her temple and looked me in the eye. “As you know, Rodrick may be in that same position one day.”

I looked down at my manicure. “Yes—”

She cut me off, “Look at me when you’re talking to me, Duchess.”

I quickly snapped my head back up. “My apologies.”

She droned. “Just don’t do it—no need for apologies.”

I nodded again. “Yes, I’m aware that Rodrick will get married one day…or that he wants to…I think.” My nerves were finally getting to me. I didn’t know where she was going with this. I didn’t know how I was to answer her without stepping on her toes or getting on her wrong side.

“And as we all know,” Queen Riva continued, “Rodrick is the Acolyte of Time.”

She sighed. “As the Acolyte of Time, Rodrick is mighty. Even without the status of the prince, he still holds a great deal of power both physically and institutionally in the world.” Queen Riva clapped her hands together. “And I may not know if this is true for the other followers of the gods, but, for Tempus, this isn’t the first time a Royal has been an Acolyte.”

I raised my brows. This was new information to me. But how would I know?

She stared at me, her icy blue eyes sending shivers down my spine. “So as a contingency plan of some sorts, we placed the rule the Royal family placed in law. If an Acolyte were to marry and be of Royal blood…they would have to give up their title.”

My mouth dropped. “Are you serious?!”

Author Bio:

Winnifred or Winnie, as most know her by, is an artist, writer, and author of her debut novel: The Gods ’Scion: Child of Tempus. As a military child, Winnie has traveled extensively around the US East Coast and Germany, learning about the history, lore, and culture of each region. Winnie has spent the last two years writing and expanding the world of The Gods ’Scion trilogy series. Winnie has had a lifelong love of literature and art. As a new writer she wants to create beautiful fantasy world with compelling and intriguing characters. Winnie resides in South Carolina and is an undergraduate at the College of Charleston. She loves to spread positivity and joy to those around her, and look at the world through a glittery pink lens.

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