Saturday 16 July 2022

Unwanted: A limited edition anthology of rejected mates paranormal romance


The Wrong Kind of Shifter by Danielle Jacks
My name is Bea, and I live with the Falcon wolf pack. I’ve found my true mate, Colt, and you’d think that would make me lucky, but you’d be wrong. He doesn’t like my love for the environment and my less conventional way of living. We have different views on what it means to be a wolf shifter, and it’s keeping us apart.
I’m a rejected mate.
When a hurricane hits Starr, Texas, I lose everything except Colt. Now I have to start afresh with only a few options available to me. Do I follow Colt on a path I wouldn’t have chosen, or will fate finally guide me the right way?

Unwanted: A limited edition anthology of rejected mates paranormal romance
Unwanted. Rejected. Renounced.
These heroines have been through a lot. Their fated mates and sacred other halves have done the unthinkable... they've rejected them. They've rendered them, unwanted.
Join these heroines in their journey to find themselves, and love, after facing rejection from their fated mates.
Dive into over 20 stories from USA Today and International bestselling authors featuring rejected mates, romance, alphas, werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, faeries and more!
Featuring Stories by:
Naomi Panthera
Mandy Melanson
Valkyrie Luna
Lydia Guleva
Jessica Lynch
Elizabeth Dunlap
W.M. Dawson
Katherine Bogle
Rhylie Matthews
C.E. Lashua
Mira Kane
Ainsley Jaymes
Danielle Jacks
Maddison Cole
Shana Vernon
Zari Hunt
Tori Kellett
Erin Raegan
C.L. Riley and Sapphire Stone
Melinoe Black & Chrissie Angel
Finley Quinn
Carmilla Quinn

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