Saturday 10 February 2018

Paper Dolls: Book One

Paper Dolls: Book One (Paper Dolls #1) 

Review:  ♥ ♥

Paper Dolls is a gritty read not for the faint-hearted. Two girls, Both seem to have everything, but if you take a closer look they are both drowning.

Olivia is smart, beautiful and rich. Avery is athletic, gorgeous and popular. These two are complete opposites. Olivia is asked to interview Avery for the yearbook and for the very first time their paths are about to cross. The problem is Olivia doesn't want to do the interview and Avery doesn't want to answer the questions.
Avery has a few dark secrets and doesn't want to think about them. Simple questions just aren't that easy for her.

These two are a hot mess. Avery is dating a school teacher and Olivia is 'seeing' a girl casually. Their relationship with each other is intense, but is passion the way to light the fire? Both are afraid to let anyone close. Once they meet it becomes hard to resist.

Paper Dolls is the start of a new lesbian romance series following these two chapters. I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and dark, but with a happy ending. This book is worth the full 5 stars, however, I'm not sure if I'll read the next one. 

Kindle Edition 99p or Free for Kindle Unlimited, 484 pages
Published March 16th 2017 by Holhart Publishing

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