Sunday 17 June 2018

Deadly Passion #CoverReveal

Deadly Passion

If I wanted to know the truth, I would have to do the impossible.
I lost everything.

My mother died when I was a little girl but I still do not know if it's true.

Eighteen years later, I escaped from a destitute life and became a successful businesswoman, but once again, my world is about to change ... and not in a good way.

My past condemns me. The rich and endlessly sexy Rodrigo Dominguez is trying to seduce me. The urge to sleep with him is hard to resist. Every time I find myself alone with him, the temptation increases, however, giving in will risk our professional relationship.

But I'm not ready for the secrets that will stand between us.
Will we fall in love or will our secrets be our death? 
Genre : Erotic Romance with Suspense.

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