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Seacrest Sunsets (Love Along Hwy 30A #2)


Kindle Edition
Published June 19th 2018 by Perry Evans Press 
302 Pages
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“Hope you ladies enjoy your vacation.” He had his hand on the door handle, but he couldn’t pull it. What? Was he a pussy now? He couldn’t just walk away from her?
“We’re looking forward to getting some sun tomorrow. Do you know if it’s supposed to be pretty?” she asked.
“Should be mid 80s.” They were sitting there talking about the goddamned weather when they could be in his bed right inside. All he had to do was invite her in. “Do you know your way back to where you’re staying?”
She nodded and held up her phone. “GPS.”
“Good.” He paused for way too long. Why couldn’t he just get out of the car? “You’re okay to drive and all?” he asked, knowing she was. She’d stopped drinking her wine as soon as her friend turned the keys over to her, and they’d sat at the bar for hours.
“Oh, yes. I’m perfectly sober, unfortunately.” She smiled at him, and he wanted to cave worse than a smoker wanted a cigarette.
He held his hand out to her. “Well, it was nice to meet you.” She took it, and they shook on it, but neither let go, the whole time gazing into each other’s eyes. He liked this girl in front of him, and he suspected one night with her wouldn’t be enough. She lived in another world, one she wouldn’t be leaving behind for him, so what was the point?
He gave her hand one final squeeze. “Good night.” He let go, then forced himself to open the door.
“Oh,” she said. “Happy birthday.”
He smiled. “Thanks.”
She leaned over toward him, resting her fingertips on the back of his neck and pressed her lips against his cheek, just barely catching the corner of his mouth with her kiss. He closed his eyes, drinking in the smell of her hair for the brief moment. He was such an idiot. Why didn’t he walk away when Chase did?
She pulled back. “Good night.”
“Good night,” he said, scanning her face one last time. Of all the girls he’d said goodbye to on nights like this, he’d never felt more like he was letting a possibility slip through his fingers.

Seacrest sunsets is a classic romance with a modern twist. I'm a fan of this author and I read this book via Kindle Unlimited. This is the second book in the series but can definitely be read as a standalone story.

Maya has just gained a promotion at work. She has taken a little time off before she starts her new job. A much-needed vacation is on the cards with her best girl pal. Felicity wants Maya to have the full holiday experience; late-night drinking, sunbathing and a little romance. It's time for the girls to let their hair down. Maya is a professional businesswoman and needs to loosen up a bit. When she sets her eyes on a local guy, Bo she doesn't realise just how significant he is. Felicity wants her to have a little fun and Maya is tempted by Bo.

It's Bo's birthday and he's turning 35. He's ready to settle down and have a serious relationship. He doesn't want to date a tourist. Short romances are a thing of the past, but Maya is different.

This story is fun, sweet and complicated. Can a holiday romance change everything? These two are from different worlds but the sparks are flying. 5 out of 5. A charming read.


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